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subject: [ig-news] emily interview from

hey folks,

i just found this article on the web - it's at
it's a little bit old but worthwhile - it was written before all the
stuff happened with the high school cancellations...

- -sherlyn

entertainment    4/23/98

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duo puts friendship in music: indigo girls are well-versed
by kelly woo, nandonext staff
photo courtesy epic records

imagine working with the same person -- your musical partner, someone
whose name will be forever connected to yours -- for almost 20 years.
emily saliers, one-half of the indigo girls, can imagine because she
has been working with her partner, amy ray, since their high school
days in decatur, ga.

but in a phone interview over the weekend from memphis, saliers said
she and ray are like sisters. "we're like family," she explained.
"we've had a working relationship for 18 years. i love her, and she's
a great person. we like to do different things, but we have a deep

it is that deep bond that has won over listeners and converted them
into fans. their unique, honest harmony features ray's gritty, raw
alto and saliers' sweet, angelic soprano. even their different styles
of songwriting -- ray tends to write edgier rock-folk tunes while
saliers is best known for her soaring ballads -- have meshed to
produce six full-length albums, the latest of which, "shaming of the
sun" (epic, 1997), made its debut in billboard's top 10.

with the popularity of last year's lilith fair tour, the indigo girls
have enjoyed the spotlight of commercial success. but while the
spotlight may be new, ray and saliers, friends since high school and
a team since their days at emory university, are not. after emerging
on the atlanta club scene, the two signed with epic records in 1988
and, a year later, released a self-titled album. they got a big break
when invited to open for fellow georgians r.e.m.

ray and saliers have been outspoken about their political and
environmental causes in their songs and on the record.

"i think no matter what we're doing, amy and i would be activists,"
saliers said. "we believe there's a lot of work to be done in the
world. we feel so passionately about injustice and environmental
issues ... a lot of times they end up in our songs as well.

"basically, it's just what we think about a lot. try to help educate
other people with information that we've gathered along the way. we
can't help but speak our minds ... amy and i keep doing what we do and
let the chips fall. we're not afraid to stand up for what we believe."

the group sponsored a songwriting contest for junior and senior high
schoolers last year and have planned a high school tour for the fall.

for young songwriters, saliers advised, "first of all, [don't] have a
goal of breaking into the industry. if you play music, it's important
to play it for the love of it. you should get together with your
friends and jam.

"you should play as much as possible ^ play for fun. keep on
playing all the time and knock on some doors."

even after so many years, saliers admitted she comes down with
writer's block.

"happens every time we get together to write songs and put out a
record," she said. "amy's writing up a storm. she's got a bunch of
great new songs. i just need to focus and sit down and gather my

those thoughts stem mostly from experiences on the road, saliers

"we travel so much, and we meet so many people," she said. "things
that are going on in the world, and anytime you read a good book or
hear a good cd. there always seems to be stuff to think about.
writing songs is a way for amy and i to emote. i guess that's why we
keep doing it after all these years."

saliers cited joni mitchell as the greatest influence on her
songwriting career.

"i think she's a great musician, and her records are so different
from the ones before," saliers reflected. "i've looked to her as an
inspiration. she uses great, specific images, and she's very

the collaboration between the two partners continues to be the power
behind the words and voices. their relationship is unlikely to
dissolve. ray and saliers often stay apart while not touring.

"there's enough separation where it doesn't get to be a pain,"
saliers said. "we've worked together for so long. it's really kind of
a mystery.

"there are some things that i'd like to do on my own. but [i can't
imagine] my life not including indigo girls. we still enjoy it so
much, and i feel that we're still evolving and growing."

when asked which of ray's songs she enjoyed the most, saliers
replied, "right now, live, i like playing 'chicken man' [from 'rites
of passage,' epic, 1992]. but on the new record, i like 'scooter
boys.' it's hard to pick favorites."

her own favorite song? "probably 'ghost,' " she answered.

saliers said she and ray probably will tour -- both with lilith fair
again and on their own -- until september, write new songs in the
fall and begin work on a new record in january 1999.

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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