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ig-news-digest          sunday, may 24 1998          volume 01 : number 084

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] interesting item on ebay web site         []
  [ig-news] closer to fine on pop-up!  [adia difranco <saliers_ray@hotmail.c]
  [ig-news] fundraiser - thanx! (and deadline for the doorprizes)  [mike connell <]


date: sat, 23 may 1998 02:14:38 -0400
subject: [ig-news] interesting item on ebay web site

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i checked the ebay site
and noticed that there are quite a few other ig items for sale,

i saw this item for sale at ebay, the internet's largest person-to-person
auction site, and thought that you might be interested.

title of item:  indigo girls promo poster
starts: 05/19/98 11:38:00 pdt
ends:   05/26/98 11:38:00 pdt
price:  starts at $7.99
to bid the item, go to:

item description:
        indigo girls "swamp ophelia" 1994 sony music records promo poster,
measures 24"x36", very good condition, see pic.
mailed rolled, add $4 shipping

        the leading person-to-person auction community on the web!

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date: sat, 23 may 1998 16:51:24 pdt
from: adia difranco <>
subject: [ig-news] closer to fine on pop-up!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  vh1 in the us is airing
the "closer to fine" video, more details can be found below...]
is the pop-up website. the indigo girls/closer to fine vid is part of
the #88 one and will be airing:

5/26 4:30p
5/28 9:00p
5/29 9:00a
6/1  1:00a
6/2  4:30p
6/3  9:00a
6/4  8:30p

it didn't say, but i assume the times are eastern.
and if anyone else might be interrested:

pop-ups for other semi-related artists
#94 tori amos silent all these years
#87 sarah mclachlan sweet surrender
#67, #57, #27, #10-mellissa ethridge
#91 suzanne vega how come how long?


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date: sat, 23 may 1998 23:14:00 -0400
from: mike connell <>
subject: [ig-news] fundraiser - thanx! (and deadline for the doorprizes)

hi folks :-)

just wanted to again say thanx to all those that contributed to the fund
raiser for the new hardware :-)

as jeff wasilko posted yesterday, over $3500 thus far has been sent in and
he is installing a new $4600 system this weekend.

also, as he said i am still accepting donations towards this cause, as we
did fall about a grand short of the final cost (not to mention jeff pays
the $150+ a month operating i myself wouldn't mind seeing us
foot the whole bill for the hardware :-)

also, also - i'd like to announce that the deadline for me to receive
donations where you would be eligible for one of the door prizes is next
weekend, as i am going to randomly pick the winners next sunday may 31st,
meaning donations i receive in the mail by next saturday the 30th will be

no matter if you donated one dollar or two-hundred fifty dollars, you have
an equal chance for any of the prizes. (all of the door prizes are jewel

in addition to a bunch of jewel key chains & jewel pins, i have the seven
jewel autographed items listed below (at the end of this email). these
items were autographed by jewel herself, not some stamp, not another
person, not some machine. (people have been asking me if her presigned
poetry books that are available at various virgin megastore bookstores
around the usa  were actually signed by her....that i cannot answer, as i
don't have an answer)

i might add that the odds of winning one of these autographed items isn't
too bad, since as of this moment there's only been 145 donations sent in.
so the odds right now are just a tad over 20-1.

to donate, send cash, check or money order. please make out any checks or
money orders to jeff wasilko.

send donations to:

mike connell
po box 1206
binghamton ny 13902-1206

this is the last time i'll be ringing that bell :-)

again, i wish to thank all of you who have donated already, all who may
soon do so, and all of you who belong to any mailing list, as it
is the people and their love of the artists' music that make these lists
special :-)

to see what artists mailing lists exist for on, check out

cybernetly yours,

mike :-)

p.s. if you are new to any of these lists and want more info on this fund
raiser, just email me privately and i'll send you copies of my previous
posts, and/or answer any questions you may have.
the door prizes    the door prizes    the door prizes    

(in addition to a bunch of jewel key chains and pins)
the seven autographed items are (each individually awarded)

a) two twenty page, full of pictures, full color jewel lyric books
autographed in gold ink on the front cover. these are the same books that
were being sold at last summers' lilith fair and jewel's 1997 fall tour.

b) two sets of five 5x7 semi-glossy color photo packs, with the first
picture autographed in gold ink.

the pictures and lyric book can be viewed here:

c) two of jewel's ten times platinum pieces of you cd, with the insert
autographed in gold ink.

d) this is the top prize, especially to the collectors out there! a brand
spanking new autographed in gold ink, rare promotional cd, commonly known
as "phyllis barnaby finally gets a bra". it's a 4 track "you were meant for
me" promo cd that is pretty much impossible to find now a days. in fact, i
myself consider it harder to find than her other promo cd "save the
linoleum". the 4 tracks are an unreleased version of you were meant for me
(known as the juan patino version), and three other unreleased tracks cold
song, rocker girl and emily (although all three have subsequently been
released on the vinyl version of pieces of you)  

*  the patty griffin/mad-mission@smoe list homepage is at:
*  the jewel everyday angels list homepage & guide is at:
*  aka  whyaduck55 on aol instant messenger

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #84

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