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today's subjects:
  [ig-news] admin: thanks, and upcoming downtime  [jeff wasilko <je]
  [ig-news] hometown ig news blurbs           [mel <>]


date: fri, 22 may 1998 15:15:57 -0400
from: jeff wasilko <>
subject: [ig-news] admin: thanks, and upcoming downtime


let me start by thanking everyone who donated to the
fund drive. you've raised over $3500 at this point, and i really
appreciate your support!!!

earlier this week i ordered the new hardware for, which
cost $4600 (drop me a note if you're interested in the technical
specs on the new gear). it arrived today, and i'm taking a few
days off work to get it set up and in production.

at some point between saturday and tuesday, will be shut
down to install the new hardware. the downtime will probably be
4-6 hours. during the time we're off-line, mail will be queued up
at my isp so no mail will be lost.

i'll send out another announcement once the new gear is online.

thanks again for your help!

- -jeff

p.s. if you've been meaning to send in a check, mike connell
is still accepting donations. contact him at
for more info.

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date: fri, 22 may 1998 02:23:29 -0400
from: mel <>
subject: [ig-news] hometown ig news blurbs

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

here's a couple of little ig blurbs from this week's atlanta creative

decatur's tongue-in-cheek balladeer blake guthrie debuted
his hilarious new self-produced cassette 'i lost my woman
to an indigo girl' last week at eddie's attic. the crudely
packaged homemade effort (whose contents nevertheless put
to shame what's inside most slick professional cd boxes)
takes its title from a line in guthrie's song "she's not
playing for the home team," about a man whose girlfriend
deserts him for another woman. longtime attic regular
uncle mark reynolds was slack-jawed after guthrie's live
performance of the tune, gasping, "he walked right into
the chapel and preached against the chaplain!" after a
moment's contemplation reynolds added, "but, you know, i
bet amy ray would love that song. if somebody gave her a
copy, she'd probably do it as an encore sometime."

who on this list wouldn't give a lot to see and hear amy do that one?

eddie owen of eddie's attic was interviewed by the tv
series hard copy for a recent segment about the parental
protests which resulted in cancellation of some dates on
the indigo girls' tour of american high schools.

did anyone on the list happen to see that episode of hard copy? i
remember that lisa d mentioned that hard copy had been to town... but i
don't recall seeing any mention of it since then. i just wondered how
the report about ig came across on tabloid tv... did anyone see it?

feel free to email privately if you saw it...

btw, if you're interested in what's going on in atlanta -- and many here
seem to be -- you can read creative loafing weekly online (published as
a freebie newspaper every wednesday) at:


peace... and have a good memorial day weekend,
- --
          -- mel  <>

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #83

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