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  [ig-news] igc!!!  sony cd extra sampler  ["lisa m. schreihart" <lschreihar]


date: wed, 20 may 1998 08:19:40 -0500
from: "lisa m. schreihart" <>
subject: [ig-news] igc!!!  sony cd extra sampler

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i think the cd-rom in
question has been around for a little bit - the copyright date
on the disc (thanks andrew) is 1996.  this is the most detailed
description of it i've ever seen though.]

hi y'all,

wow, have i found something!  maybe this has
been mentioned before.  if so, i missed it.  if
not, i'm sure you'll all be interested....

a computer techie friend of mine approached
me at work yesterday to tell me i might be
interested checking out this new cd of his
that he got free bundled with software he
bought over the internet.  all he had to say
was that ig was on it, and i jumped.  i
thought it was just going to be an audio
cd, but it is actually a new multimedia
thing called cd extra, this one made by
sony.  this cd is a sampler of 6 artists....
mary chapin carpenter, ig, mariah carey,
the presidents of the united states of
america, tears for fears, and wynton
marsalis.  the cd plays in your audio
cd player like a regular cd.  the song list

mariah carey - forever
the presidents of usa - lump
mary chapin carpenter - shut up and kiss me
tears for fears - raoul and the kings of spain
ig - least complicated
wynton marsalis - song from "in this house,
  on this morning"

ok, fine.  so, it's got ig and an old album
song on it.  but that's not all!  this cd also
plays in your cd-rom for even better effects.  i had to
take it home and view it with my mpeg/video
viewer and hear it with my soundblaster card
to get the full effect.  each of the above artists
has a "room".  you can move through each
room to view these things for each artist:

- - entire lyrics of the song on the cd that light
  up as the song is played and the words are sung
  (so, if you miss words in least complicted, well,
   there you go.)
- - album discography, including audio snipets of
   a song from each album  (e.g. ig live had
   tried to be true, strange fire had strange
   fire, etc., etc.)
- - in some cases, concert footage.  ig didn't have
   any, but there is some nice concert footage from
   mary chapin carpenter's wolf trap show from
   some time back.
- - video of the song on the cd!!!  the least
   complicated video is on this one.  it is not the
   complete video, but it is a big chunk of it.
- - tour pictures, including photos from shows on
  the 1200 curfews album.  you just click on ig's
  guitar case with all the venue stickers, and each
  venue has got a pic.  it's pretty cool.  i think that
  these pics are from the 1200 curfews album,
  but anyway....

i'm sure there are more surprises on this cd.  i
only got through ig and mcc.  i have to head off
to work and return this cd to my friend.  i'm going
to try to buy it from him, but he didn't seem too
willing to sell it yesterday.  ok, now, how did he
get it?  well, he said he bought bundled software
(office 97 package included) in an internet software
auction.  the cd came along with the bundle.  on
the cd, it is marked "demonstration - not for sale".
it is made by sony, and it's called "cd extra".  the
cd is made exclusively for packard bell.  this
is what is said about cd extra on the cd....

"cd extra is the latest breakthrough in multimedia
technology.  put this disk in a cd player and it will
play like a regular compact disk.  put this disk in
a cd-rom drive of a computer and a new world of
interactive adventure is yours to enjoy, including
graphics, lyrics, discographies, and video!"

this doesn't lie.  it's pretty cool.  it sure put a smile
on my face this dreary wednesday morning.  (rain is
on its way.)  don't expect to see shaming as part
of the ig discograpy though.  i don't think this
particular cd extra is new enough.

anyway, how do you get this cd?  well, the .exe copied
onto my c: drive and took up about 1mb.  you need
the cd in the drive to run it though, so i couldn't
just copy it for people.  i guess if someone has a
cd burner and could make a copy of it and then
start a tree......

or, you could buy software from packard bell and
hope it comes in the bundle.  or, you could call
packard bell and find out how you can get it.  keep
in mind it's a free cd that is probably given out
with a purchase only.  or, the credits on the cd
extra said you could go to:

and bookmark it and check it periodically for
special offers.  i don't know if you can get this
cd this way, but i'd check this site anyway.
or, the credits said you can e-mail them at:

to request info on special offers.  try asking for this
cd.  see what happens.

that's all folks.  happy hunting!  it sure is a find for
those people who are collectors of all things

lisa  :)

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