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date: thu, 7 may 1998 10:50:38 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] another article, this one from wall of sound

hey folks,

i found this on wall of sound (
i cut out the first couple of paragraphs because they were
basically restating what we've all read so many times

- -sherlyn

- ---
tuesday, may 5, 1998
hootie supports indigo girls, another high school show canceled


the principal of the tenessee high school, ernest chism, states that his
decision to cancel the girls' show had nothing to do with the duo's
homosexuality, and was based instead on reports of vulgarity in their
shows according to the memphis commercial appeal. after hearing of the
irmo high cancellation, chism unsuccessfully attempted to contact witt,
then called the principal of a logansville, ga., school where the indigo
girls had performed earlier. "the principal told me they sung the song
that had the f-word in it and emphasized it," chism says, "the concert
went downhill from there." before the duo was booked to perform at his
school, chism had never heard of them. "if it had been my choice," he
said, "i would have liked to have had leann rimes. she's one of my

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: thu, 7 may 1998 12:14:53 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] article from sonicnet

hey folks,

i know we've been inundated with all this information, so i'll
probably stop forwarding so much stuff after this.  this is a
very good article though...

- -sherlyn

wed, may 6, 1998  edited by michael goldberg  

[ wed., may 6, 7:10 pm pdt ]
indigo girls show axed by third high-school principal

students plan to protest cancellation of shows by walking out of class.

randy reiss:

the indigo girls' abbreviated tour of high schools in the south became
even shorter tuesday night when the principal of farragut high school in
knoxville, tenn., canceled the lesbian folk-rock duo's wednesday (may 6)
appearance at the school.

that move follows two similar cancellations this week in germantown,
tenn., and irmo, s.c., where the indigo girls show was called off due in
part to the duo's homosexuality. this cancellation was then followed by
the one in germantown and now in knoxville, both schools in which the
principals claim that sexuality had nothing to do with their decision to
cancel the shows.

according to farragut high school teacher and concert organizer jeff
callahan, principal edwin hedgepeth canceled the concert tuesday morning,
citing the group's use of the word "fucking" onstage at an april 13 show
at loganville high school in loganville, ga.

"i called [indigo girls] management as soon as i was told and they told
me [the use of the f-word] was a one time occurrence and that they had
apologized and had not performed the song since," callahan said.

when callahan relayed this message to hedgepeth, however, the head
educator held his ground. "we had a lot of calls from parents and very
politically active churches," callahan explained. "a lot of people here
think the only reason this was canceled was because they're lesbians."

hedgepeth couldn't be reached for comment at press time, but in a report
in wednesday's (may 6) knoxville news-sentinel, he denied that the
cancellation had anything to do with the lesbianism of singer/guitarists
amy ray and emily saliers.

"i'm not sure exactly (in) what context (profanity) was used, whether it
was used in an actual song or whether it was used onstage at some point
in a comment," hedgepeth told the newspaper. "i'd rather err on the side
of caution when it comes to the people that we have presenting in the
doug crosier, principal at franklin high school in franklin, tenn.,
where the group performed on monday, said that he called hedgepeth
following the group's performance at his school and told him that it
went off without a hitch.

"i told him the show was fine and that no one was going to get up in
front of a group of students and shoot themselves in the foot like
that," crosier explained.

as for the concert at his school, crosier said it was enjoyable for
everyone involved, with the grammy-winning duo performing for a half-hour
and then taking questions for a half-hour, during which time they talked
about how they got started in the music business and their views on the
environment. "at the end of the show," crosier said, "we were really
thankful for them coming and they were very thankful for us having them

crosier also said he had received three phone calls from concerned
parents regarding the show, but that "no one was unreasonable about it."

the indigo girls have been touring high schools and universities since
mid-april to warm up for their upcoming dates on the popular all-women
lilith fair summer tour. they were also using their current schools tour
to reach out to their younger fans in a smaller, noncommercial setting.

principal gerald witt of irmo high school in irmo, s.c., canceled a show
last week originally scheduled for thursday (may 7) following complaints
from parents and students not only about the duo's sexuality but also
about holding a concert during a school assembly. when news of that
cancellation broke, ernest chism, principal at germantown high school in
germantown, tenn., followed by calling off a gig scheduled to be held at
his school last tuesday, citing the group's use of the word "fucking" in
their song "shame on you" (realaudio excerpt) during the tour's first
date at loganville high school in loganville, ga., as the reason behind
the decision.

"anytime stuff like that happens, it has a tendency to have a snowball
effect," national gay & lesbian task force spokesperson tracey conaty
said upon learning of the recent knoxville cancellation. "people get
pressure from a small group of local parents and it's very easy to give
in to that pressure."

as disappointed as she is in the cancellation, conaty says that just
raising awareness of gays and lesbians in these communities is a victory
in itself and that if it had to be anyone, she's glad it happened to the
indigo girls. "they're so articulate and committed to issues of
fairness," she explained. "and to have them representing this issue can
only benefit everyone involved."

the canceled knoxville show was quickly rescheduled to take place
wednesday night (may 6) at barley & hops, a club with a capacity of 500.
barley & hops owner sean blair said he had heard about the cancellations
before he was contacted to host the show and was happy to be able to

"we're glad to have them," blair said, "and i haven't had any complaints
about having them here. mostly, people are coming up to me and saying,
'thanks!' "

blair also said that the show starts at 5:30 p.m. and will be free to
area high-school students with a valid high-school id. everyone else will
pay $10.

the irmo high school show was also rescheduled, with the indigo girls
slated to appear thursday night (may 7) at the 3,000-capacity richland
township auditorium in columbia, s.c., at 8 p.m. according to epic
records publicist lisa markowitz, 2,000 of those tickets have been set
aside for people who show up with a valid student-identification card,
while the remaining seats will be available to the general public for

students at irmo high school and farragut high school are both planning
protests over the cancellations. according to callahan, students at
farragut high were having a rally after school wednesday (may 6) at the
school's flag pole to protest the cancellation and others have posted
signs at the school that read "indigo home." in irmo, students have been
handing out flyers that encourage students to walk out of class at
8:45 a.m. on thursday, the day when the indigo girls were scheduled to

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: thu, 07 may 1998 01:02:33 -0400
from: "catherine r. mayhew" <>
subject: [ig-news] knoxville, tn show


i guess some folks might be interested in knowing how the rescheduled
knoxville, tn 'high-school' show went.  i'll try to be brief:  
        i'm told it was to begin at 5.30 4:30 there was a crowd of about
200-250 and three local network news trucks broadcasting.  around 5:35 they
started asking high school folks to come to the front and enter.  i'm
guessing that around 100 or so went in and then they started letting the
public in.  there was no line--just a crowd of folks funneling (and
pushing) through.  we were searched (patted down and with metal detectors).
the show started around 6:10.  i'm not sure how many were allowed
inside--i've heard numbers between 300-500 (the local news reported
300...the venue guy told me 500).  there was a crowd outside that didn't
make it in.  let's see....the show started and for the first three songs
the news camera folks were excusing themselves to the front to video the
girls and the crowd.  amy ray made a comment after the first song that the
high school tour had not started out political, but to encourage the arts
in high school.  she laughed and said something like 'look were we are now'.
        i can't remember a set list in order: it's alright, joking, galileo,
chickenman, a song that said 'redemtion song', let it be me, i don't wanna
know,  kid fears, pushing the needle too far (i think),  power of two,
least complicated, shed your skin, scooter boys, closer to fine, and
probably one or two i can't remember now.  during the show a student passed
a suspension notification to the girls and they both laughed and signed it
and passed it back.  at the end of the show amy said for everyone to be
kind to each other--even when we didn't agree with each other to be kind.
they were both very much smiling during the show and occasionally joking
with each other out of mike range.  it was over around 7:30 or 7:40 and the
house security had the place cleared out in about 10 minutes.  there was a
last minute surge for picks and set lists and sulli and two other guys
threw them into the crowd.  it looked like it got a little tense for a
minute and i saw sulli accidentally 'correct' a staff member for jumping
the barricade to begin breaking down the equipment (hey, get back, get down
from there!).  
        the venue was a no smoking establishment and they didn't serve alcohol
during the show.  i heard nary a curse word---except from the
high-schoolers themselves (just kiddin').  all three local news shows
carried it as their lead story during the 11:00 news.
        so there is a snippet of my observations tonight....

you all have a great day,

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