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  [ig-news] music midtown review         [christy lynch <>]
  [ig-news] fundraiser needs more $, and i have *autographed by jewel* door prizes! :-)   [mike connel]
  [ig-news] irmo show resheduled!!              [deb reiser <>]


date: sat, 2 may 1998 02:02:02 -0400
from: christy lynch <>
subject: [ig-news] music midtown review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey y'all. i just got back form the most amazing concert ever. i must say
the wait was worth it, mosh pits and all! my dad (he's very cool) and i
arrived as the gates opened at 6 pm. we went straight to the main stage
field (which was complete mud by the time the first band had played). we
stood in the same spot until midnight when the girls were done!! needless
to say, the first two bands before paula cole and the girls were wild
ruckus bands and the audience decided it needed to mosh. my dad found
himself warding people off, and i got a few injuries myself! but i got to
stand right in fron to amy, second person back from the wall.
        to say the concert was magical would be an understatement. i know
most of
y'all have been to zillions of concerts, but this was only my second one.
the set list goes as follows:
        it's alright, three hits, get out the map, i don't wanna know (for
michelle), least complicated, shed your skin, power of two, scooter boys
(or scooter voice as my dad wrote it!!), hammer and a nail, shame on you,
thin line, chickenman (with dave ellison), galileo, (encore), kids fears,
and the ever-popular closer to fine
        the stage appeared to be set up for leeds or winthrop, but it must
been dropped. they both had on black jeans...emily with a plain red shirt
and amy with the red dotted shirt she wore on the rosie show (i think), a
black t-shirt with some scary wolf looking thing on it, and for a while,
she was wearing this awesome black leather jacket. her hair hung in her cute. :)
        my roommate just got home and brought me both amy and emily's set
complete with amy's footprints all over it. i also waited around and got a
guitar pick from sulli.
        as for the actual concert, they were sounding good. chickenman was
extremely slow and at one point, they got out of time with each other.
galileo rocked. amy forgot quite a few lyrics throughout the concert!
emily, as always, had on her serious, sometimes pained face. amy just could
not stop grinning the entire time!! :) she was being silly quite a bit.
        i'll end this with a question for everyone. amy started a song before
entering scooter boys that had the words "killer" and "faye tucker" in it
quite a few times. any clue as to what song this might have been? it was
not on the set list. thanks for reading...take care and good night!
                                                christy :)

"just remember nothing is the end of the world until the world comes to an
                                                -emily saliers
"decatur: not utopia, but darn close"

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date: sat, 02 may 1998 18:48:56 -0400
from: mike connell <>
subject: [ig-news] fundraiser needs more $, and i have *autographed by jewel* door prizes! :-)

[sherlyn's note: i'd like to ask any of you who can spare even
a couple of dollars to think about sending it smoe's way.  jeff
provides a great service, one of which we're all taking
advantage of by being on this list.  thanks, folks.]

hey folks :-)

did i say autographed by jewel door prizes? yeah.....i did, i'll get to
that later. in the mean time, consider yourself cyper-tied to your chair
and being forced to read this speil :-)

well, it's been nearly four weeks since i bugged ya about donating to the
fund raiser to replace the existing hardware that houses with new

for those of you who are new to this particular list and likely don't know
me, or didn't read my previous email on this fund raiser, the gist of my
first post follows below this second pitch of mine :-)

i'll give ya a full report on what we've collected so far.

while the amount may sound impressive at first thought, it's really not.
especially when i throw all the figures at you.

so far, we've raised nearly half of my/our immediate goal of $3,000
(although i'd be ecstatic at $4,000). we've gotten $1,470.68

however, that total has been contributed by only 67 people, and over half
($865) of it has been contributed by 11 people who gave 40, 50, 100 or 125
dollars. that means the other 56 people have totaled $605, which isn't bad
at all for 56 people :-)  it's the 67 total donors that is below our
expectations, especially when you consider that there are over 9,600
subscriptions to the 44 (yes! 44!) mailing lists hosted at, which
represents about 7500 separate email addresses/people. i think we can
do better than 67 out of 7,500+. i know we can :-)

so please, send what you can, whether it be 5, 10 or more....i want to
reach that goal of at least $3,000 and would love to see us get $4,000.

remember, jeff wasilko, the generous dude that provides these lists free of
charge, bought the now 7 year old equipment with his own moola, not to
mention he pays the $150+ monthly operating costs (a dedicated isdn line).
the least we can do is pay a major chunk of the cost of the new sun sparc
station(s) he plans on replacing the present smoe with, before it dies and
this all ends for a while.

door prizes    door prizes    door prizes    door prizes

while it's not many, i did manage to acquire 7 autographed jewel items,
plus a couple of dozen trinkets for door prizes. they will all be
*randomly* awarded to people who donate to this cause, no matter
what list you belong to.

the seven autographed items are (each individualy awarded):

a) two twenty-page, full of pictures, full color jewel lyric books
autographed in gold ink on the front cover. these are the same books that
were being sold at last summers' lilith fair and jewel's 1998 fall tour.

b) two sets of five 5x7 semi-glossy color photo packs, with the first
picture autographed in gold ink.  

c) two of jewel's ten times platinum cd pieces of you, with the insert
autographed in gold ink.

d) this is the top prize, especially to the collectors out there! a brand
spanking new autographed in gold ink, rare promotional cd, commonly known
as "phyllis barnaby finally gets a bra". it's a 4 track "you were meant for
me" promo cd that is pretty much impossible to find now a days. in fact, i

myself consider it harder to find than her other promo cd "save the
linoleum". the 4 tracks are an unreleased version of you were meant for me
(known as the juan patino version), and three other unreleased tracks cold
song, rocker girl and emily (although all three have subsequently been
released on the vinyl version of pieces of you)

again, all seven (plus the trinkets.....jewel guitar key chains and jewel
guitar pins), will be randomly given away to people who have already
donated or donate in the future :-)

see below on where/how to donate to help get a new and keep these
lists running & problem free for a long time to come :-)


mike connell (still ringing that bell)

the gist of my first post (what the he** is a gist anyway? ;-):

posted in early april:
some of you may know me, most don't i'm sure. my name is mike connell and i
manage the jewel and patty griffin mailing lists at i'm writing
you today is to ask for your help in a fund raiser to help keep up
and running for many more years to come.

a gentle bloke by the name of jeff wasilko owns and has always
paid the monthly operating costs (not a small penny) and of course had paid
for the expensive equipment it presently runs on. he has always offered
this service for free since day user list owner
fees...totally free :-)

many rising artists and their fans have benefited from this service, as hosts lists for such artists as happy rhodes, paula cole, jewel,
patty griffin, tori amos, thomas dolby, poe, susan werner, leah andreone,
luscious jackson, ben folds five, the indigo girls, shawn colvin and many,
many more. some of these once unknown artists, and more to come i'm sure,
had their internet presence begin right here at :-)
for a complete list of which artists have mailing lists hosted at,
you can go to

jeff is looking into replacing the hardware operates on with more
modern equipment, as the present units are a pair of seven year old sun
sparc stations. this is necessary to get newer and better equipment in
place before the present system falls down and goes boom permanently,
leaving the lists at temporarily without a home :-)  this would be
bad....very bad.

this replacement is going to cost a pretty penny. on other list servers
this would be no problem, as money would be used from the user fees.
however since such fees don't exist here at, we are asking for
your help in the form of donations.

we are not asking for major dollars here, just whatever you can give,
whether it be $2, $5, $10, more ....whatever.  you can send a check, a
money order, or if a buck or two or three if you wish to send cash. if you
can't afford anything, don't sweat it, this is not mandatory to stay on
your list. we are just asking for you to help out if you can.

money orders are a piece of cake. (at least in the usa) they don't have a
large fee at all, generally less than a buck, sometimes as low as 35
cents....although money orders from banks usually carry a larger fee (go
figure ;-)

your best bet for a money order (in the usa) would be from the us post
office....all money orders there have an 85 cent fee no matter what the
dollar amount of the money order is.

*** all checks or money orders should be made out to jeff wasilko :-)

please do not make them out to me (mike connell)  :-)

how to donate:
simple :-) just send what you want (no monopoly money please) to me at

mike connell
po box 1206
binghamton ny

and i'll tally up all the figures etc and send it all on to jeff :-)

remember, please make out all checks or money orders to jeff wasilko !!! :-)

please don't make them out to me :-)

in your envelope, please include a note that contains your full name, the
list(s) you belong to,  and your email address you use here at (i
need to contact you if you win a door prize, and this acknowleges that i
received your donation, as i contact you when i get your donation)

please help in this mission to give a new home :-)

if you have any questions, please feel free to write me and ask.

i thank you all in advance :-)

mike "once a bell ringer, always a bell ringer" connell :-)

*  the patty griffin/mad-mission@smoe list homepage is at:
*  the jewel everyday angels list homepage & guide is at:
*  aka  whyaduck55 on aol instant messenger

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date: sat, 2 may 1998 15:03:18 -0500
from: deb reiser <>
subject: [ig-news] irmo show resheduled!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this from the state website. for the full story go to


denied by irmo high school, the indigo girls on friday followed through on
their vow to reschedule a controversial columbia concert.

the folk-rock duo will play the township at 4 p.m. thursday. promoters are
making 3,000 tickets available for the show.

of those, 2,000 are available as first-come, first-served free tickets for
high-school students. the other 1,000 are available to the public for $15.

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #62

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