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  [ig-news] michigan womyn's music festival         [riphug <>]


date: fri, 1 may 1998 12:06:44 edt
from: riphug <>
subject: [ig-news] michigan womyn's music festival

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oooo!  i just found out who will be performing at the michigan womyn's music
festival!  here's the lineup:

1998 performance program

acoustic stage:  kim epifano & kathleen hermesdorf in "polar shift";
karen finley's oral arguments
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
acoustic stage:  purple moon dance project; the topp twins camping out night
stage: opening celebration; ulali; indigo girls (special duo appearance)
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
day stage:  round robin; straight ahead; random order
acoustic stage:  kim epifano & kathleen hermesdorf in "polar shift"; juca;
karen finley's oral arguments
night stage:  kinnie starr; rhiannon; teresa trull and barbara higbie
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
day stage:  muse; veda hille; nedra johnson
acoustic stage:  sue li-jue dance in "facing east"; zelie duvauchelle;
alice walker
night stage:  carole pope; toshi reagon & big lovely; ferron
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
day stage:  zrazy; michelle malone; ubaka hill and shapeshifters
acoustic stage:  peggy shaw in "menopausal gentleman"; min xiao-fen;
"sugar tit!"
night stage:  metropolitan klezmer; the topp twins; sweet honey in the rock
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
day stage:  (comedy afternoon) sabrina matthews; elvira kurt; marga gomez
acoustic stage:  drumsong orchestra with ubaka hill; gospel inspirational
choir with aleah long; candlelight concert with ruth barrett
for more information, see

jill :d

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