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date: thu, 30 apr 1998 10:00:41 -0700
from: java olympia solis <>
subject: [ig-news] so cal lf info

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hey all,
a lot of people asked me for this info, so here it is for all who care...
        june 26 del mar fairgrounds: tickets go on sale on sat the 2nd.
they are $41 and that includes admission to the del mar fair which is
going on at the same time/place.  the concert starts at 3:30pm.  oh, and
it's ga.
        june 27 rose bowl:  tickets go on sale sun the 3rd.  they are
27.05, 39.55, 52.05.  i'm not sure if that's ga or seated or what.

if anyone know what time the tickets go on sale will you let me know.

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