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date: mon, 27 apr 1998 11:00:45 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] ig article at sonicnet

hey folks,

this is an old article but i don't recall seeing it here before
and it's got some worthwhile stuff in it.  it's from sonicnet - (search for "indigo girls").

happy happy,

[ tue., dec 23, 9:00 pm pst ]

indigo girls plan political songs for next album

singer emily saliers wants to 'rock out.'

addicted to noise correspondent lisa arthur reports :

the indigo girls will spend much of the next six months on the road --
touring the u.s. and australia -- but they're already writing songs for
the follow-up to 1997's shaming of the sun.

if the early compositions are any indication, the new album will sound
much different than shaming, perhaps the most musically adventurous of
the atlanta folk-rock duo's six studio efforts.

"i've been hearing [indigo girl] amy [ray] work on her songs, and she's
leaning more toward really stripped-down, acoustic folk music," said
ray's professional partner, the usually folkier emily saliers.

as usual, saliers, 34, and ray, 33, find themselves on opposite ends of
the musical spectrum. "i want to play electric guitar more than ever,"
said saliers. "i want to rock out. we're always polar opposites."

ray's solution: "well, we'll do two records."

she says it with a laugh, but a double disc hasn't been ruled out.

the pair plan to hit the studio in the fall, after wrapping up their
current tour and playing a three-week stint on the 1998 lilith fair
summer tour. they're aiming for a spring of 1999 release for their next

ray -- the grittier, edgier of the duo with the alto voice -- said the
latest musical-polarization won't be a problem. "i'm looking at
something really stripped-down, but if emily wants to rock out, she can,
and i'll be there for her," ray said. "and if i want to do folk she'll
be there for me. we're very lucky to have that with each other. and it
works, too."

"stripped-down" would be a departure from shaming of the sun -- which
debuted at #7 on the billboard top 200 album chart last april, marking
the girls' highest entry ever. it featured an eclectic mix of
instruments -- stinging stratocasters, banjos, bazooki -- and riffs
reminiscent of everyone from the beatles to midnight oil, from nirvana
to gladys knight.

in fact, a folkier set of tunes would be a throwback to the girls'
earliest efforts, strange fire and indigo girls, which were almost
solely acoustic collections.

shaming was the first album the girls self-produced, and ray thinks
they'll do the same next time. "it's hard to know for sure at this
point, but i think that's where we're heading."

one thing that is certain: the new songs will continue to be
increasingly political. both lesbians, ray and saliers have long
supported gay rights, and shaming featured more openly gay lyrics. the
album also featured "leeds" (realaudio excerpt), about the burning of
black churches, along with songs about discrimination against
immigrants and colonization -- a shift from earlier albums that tended
to focus on the personal politics of relationships.

they've embraced environmental and native american issues, committing
one month of their last two tours to the honor the earth campaign,
which they co-founded. they've raised about $500,000 for the effort.
"we've gotten more political and more blunt, certainly," ray said. "and
i think it will continue. i think the older we get, the more outspoken
we get."

she doesn't worry about getting burned out from taking on the ills of
the world. "i can't think about that," said ray. "maybe our audience
will burn out on it, but i can't think about that either. our audience
is very open to that stuff and to learning different things and to
supporting us."

but the hopeless romantics among their fans shouldn't fret. at a recent
concert stop at the house of blues in orlando, fla., ray played one of
her new songs, a very quiet, almost-country ballad about an old indigo
girls staple: longing for a lost love. it left the up-until-then-rowdy
crowd hushed.

saliers predicts that she still has a few ballads left in her, too.
"the political vein will continue because it becomes impossible to
separate that part of your life from the work," she said and then
paused. "but i'll probably always be thinking and singing about love."

[tues., dec. 23, 1997, 5 p.m. pst]

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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