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  [ig-news] ig in ms.                       [nakedeye10 <>]
  [ig-news] [lilith-fair-fans] fwd: thirty-minute lilith fair special on vh1   [riphug <riphug@aol.]
  [ig-news] re: pete seeger cd lineup               [riphug <>]
  [ig-news] music news article: april 3, 1998  [sherlyn koo <]


date: sat, 25 apr 1998 01:14:33 edt
from: nakedeye10 <>
subject: [ig-news] ig in ms.

i never saw anyone post this, so i thought i'd mention that there was a
wonderful article in last month's ms. (march), featuring their "women of the
year."  amy, emily, and winona laduke were honored as a trio for their
tremendous honor the earth and related work.  go check it out and subscribe to
ms.  they do great work creating a socially and politically informed,
advertising free publication.


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date: sat, 25 apr 1998 07:28:35 edt
from: riphug <>
subject: [ig-news] [lilith-fair-fans] fwd: thirty-minute lilith fair special on vh1

next week...
precedence: bulk

[sherlyn's note: this message was forwarded to the lilith fair
list, originally from the sarah mclachlan mailing list, fte.
i don't actually know if ig will be covered in the special,
sorry, but i figured it was a good guess...]

date: fri, 24 apr 1998 16:34:59 -0700
from: nettwerk productions <>
subject: thirty-minute lilith fair special on vh1 next week...

hey everyone...

just a quick note here:

the us music video station vh1 will be broadcasting a 30-minute special on
their 'women first' program about lilith fair on the following dates:

        * monday, april 27th @ 8:30am
        * wednesday, april 29th @ 6:30pm
        * friday, may 1st @ 12:30pm
        * friday, may 15th @ 7:30pm

in tour news: we've been having a little confusion (well ok, maybe it's
just me...) in regards to the july 1st date in oklahoma. in one post i had
it as oklahoma city, and in a following post i said it was closer to tulsa.
after talking to some of the lilith fair crew that happen to be in town,
it's been confirmed as happening in oklahoma city at mohawk park. pardon
the confusion there, folks...

                        thanks for reading

armand s.
internet services
nettwerk productions

        lilith fair - a celebration of women in music as envisioned by
sarah mclachlan!
        look for the lilith fair live double-cd to hit stores in canada and
the u.s. on april 28th!

        visit the lilith fair website at:

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date: sat, 25 apr 1998 16:27:41 edt
from: riphug <>
subject: [ig-news] re: pete seeger cd lineup

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the ecto
mailing list at  i'm forwarding it here because i
can't recall having seen the actual track list for the cd
posted before...]

in a message dated 4/25/98 10:27:36 am eastern daylight time, writes:

<<  i'm also curious about the pete seeger tribute cd.  >>

just thought i'd go ahead and post the track listing for the pete seeger

volume 1
  1.  tommy sands with dolores keane & vedran smailovic - where have all the
       flowers gone
  2.  jackson browne & bonnie raitt - kisses sweeter than wine
  3.  john gorka - the water is wide
  4.  richie havens - of time and rivers flowing
  5.  ani difranco - my name is lisa kalvelage
  6.  bruce cockburn - turn, turn, turn
  7.  tish hinojosa - festival of flowers
  8.  sweet honey in the rock - step by step
  9.  studs terkel - blessed be the nation
10.  billy bragg and eliza carthy - my father's mansions
11.  greg brown - sailing down my golden river
12.  tony trischka band - goofing off suite
13.  kim and reggie harris and the magpies - those three are on my mind
14.  cordelia's dad - how can i keep from singing
15.  peter, paul & mary - all mixed up
16.  ronnie gilbert with robin flower and libby mclaren - empty pocket blues
17.  tom paxton - get up and go
18.  john stewart - old riley
19.  nanci griffith and friends - if i had a hammer
10.  the weavers - wimoweh

volume 2
  1.  bruce springsteen - we shall overcome
  2.  roger mcguinn - bells of rhymney
  3.  judy collins - oh had i a golden thread
  4.  guy davis - false from true
  5.  indigo girls - letter to eve
  6.  dick gaughan - waist deep in the big muddy
  7.  tim robbins - all my children of the sun
  8.  martin simpson - living in the country
  9.  odetta - one grain of sand
10.  casey neill - old father hudson sailing down dirty stream
11.  john trudell - the torn flag
12.  si kahn with the freighthoppers - doublin
13.  cathy fink & marcy marxer - to everyone in the world
14.  tommy makem - over the hills
15.  annie hills - i come and stand at every door
16.  donovan - my rainbow race
17.  holly near - quiet early morning
18.  studs terkel - oh, sacred world
19.  pete seeger - and still i am searching

.....and i still haven't had a chance to listen to it.....

jill :d

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date: sun, 26 apr 1998 12:46:26 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] music news article: april 3, 1998

hey folks,

found this on the web - it's from an australian site but i think
that site is just a mirror of something in the us.  the url is



- -- apr 03, 1998 --

news flash: indigo girls go back to school

folk duo amy ray  and emily saliers plan to play a number of benefit
concerts along the way.

georgia folk duo the indigo girls, featuring singer/guitarists amy
ray and emily saliers, will launch a tour of college and high-school
campuses on april 13 with a show at loganville high school in
loganville, ga.

the unusual 19-date tour will also feature a number of stops for
various charity concerts along the way, eventually leading to the
pair's second stint on the all-female lilith fair tour this summer.

"we like to play these sort-of punk club tours to reacquaint
ourselves with why we do this and to stop the business from taking
over," said ray, addressing a panel on "career mistakes" at last
month's south by southwest music conference in austin, texas. ray
told a number of stories about club owners trying to pay the pair
in drinks, watering their friends' drinks down and trying to
miscount the proceeds from the door.

she added that playing colleges and high schools allows the group to
avoid sleazy promoters and club owners who rip off artists. by
returning to the club circuit, she added, the indigos are able to
keep in touch with the reason they got into music in the first place.

"they've been trying for years to play high schools and reach out to
their younger fans," said lisa markowitz, the group's epic records
publicist. "they have lots of younger fans who can't necessarily come
to see them at coliseum or club shows, and this is a way to play
shows for them, too."

among the benefit appearances on the tour are an april 23 stop in
dallas at a show benefiting the pro-choice group voters for choice;
an april 27 new york benefit for the virginia slam group, which was
founded in reaction to the virginia slims cigarette brand's
aggressive marketing to young women; and a may show in austin, which
also will feature sets by rock-pop artists steve earle and shawn
colvin, to benefit the mexican zapatista rebels.

additionally, a version of the indigo girls song "shed your skin,"
remixed by rage against the machine guitarist tom morello, will be
included as a bonus cd alongside the group's most recent album,
shaming of the sun, and will be released as a radio single in mid-may.
the bonus cd pack will be sold on the lilith fair tour and will
feature the album version of the song, the remix and two live tracks,
according to markowitz.
- -- gil kaufman

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
   "when i look around i think this, this is good enough,
    and i try to laugh at whatever life brings.
    'cos when i look down, i just miss all the good stuff,
    when i look up, i just trip over things..."   - ani difranco

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