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                               today's subjects:
  [ig-news] new opening act for april 24,25,26!!!  [cheri carter <ccigfan@mi]
  [ig-news] lexington set list  [indigo head <>]
  [ig-news] ig on mtv w/sc                      [dan perkins <>]
  [ig-news] the mtv thing and dc roe vs. wade  [indigofrk <]
  [ig-news] the forthcoming lilith fair cd (from ice magazine)  [riphug <rip]
  [ig-news] music midtown schedule      [cathy <>]
  [ig-news] (very small igc) an auction  ["lance s. longwell" <]
  [ig-news] (sigc) nashville river stages schedule  [joan morrison <103161.3]


date: tue, 21 apr 1998 21:41:27 -0400
from: cheri carter <>
subject: [ig-news] new opening act for april 24,25,26!!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

due to the unfortunate situation with michelle malone, the opening act had
to be changed for these three shows........however, you are all in for a
real treat!!!!!
i am incredibly pleased to announce that the opening act for this coming
weekend's shows at dartmouth, yale and dickinson will be shawn
mullins....with special guests julie clark and david patterson (former
lift) as part of his band.
shawn is an atlanta guy who is extremely talented.  whether he is solo or
backed by his full band, i'm sure you will love his stuff.  his new album
"soul's core" will make you a fan for life.
all you northeastern (former) lift fans come show your support for julie
and dave!

......can someone please email me (by wed. nite) and describe the venues
for each show and if the shows are general admission and any other
pertinent info. i might need to know....i know this has been posted before,
but i deleted the info. as i wasn't expecting to be attending these shows!


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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 03:03:42 -0400
from: indigo head <>
subject: [ig-news] lexington set list

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

okay, i don't have time for a whole review, (i just got back and i am
tired) but here is the set list for those interested:

it's alright
3 hits
i don't wanna know (!)
power of two  (for those of you who have been here for a while, you know
my is my favorite song, and (before tonight) i had this curse
on me b/c i had never heard it at a show, and i have been to a lot...but
that's over, i heard power of two!!!!!!!!!!!  it was by far the highlight
of this show or of any show!)
shed yoru skin
shame on you
joan baez came out and did a song with the girls
house of the rising sun (joan)
next best western (richard shindell, joan's guest.  if you have not heard
of him, i'd highly recommend picking up "reunion hill".  it is a great
album.  he is just a great folksinger.  i have seen him open for dar
least complicated
scooter boys
- --->encore
welcome me (with joan)
c2f (with joan, terri binion, josh segall, etc.)

afterwards, sully gave me a set list.  they were supposed to do "leeds"
and "thin line" but those two got eliminated for some reason.

okay, i am off to bed.  more later!

:-) karen (who is quite satisfied b/c she finally heard power of 2 at a

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 08:54:25 -0500
from: dan perkins <>
subject: [ig-news] ig on mtv w/sc

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i'll forward the actual
article along in a little while...]

for those with web access check out

a small tidbit of ig info. nothing we don't already know, but still...


dan perkins
austin, texas

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 11:58:28 edt
from: indigofrk <>
subject: [ig-news] the mtv thing and dc roe vs. wade

[sherlyn's note: this is the article mentioned in the previous
message, originally forwarded to the indigo girls mailing list

hey yall...
here is the mtv snippet for those who cant get it on the web (sorry if it got
posted already) and so far i do not believe they will be in dc. this says
nothing about it and neither have any of the papers here.  but i could be

sasha (who is so psyched cause she is finally getting to see ani again)

indigo girls, colvin map out politically active dates

the indigo girls will soon be making the rounds with a string of high-profile
politically active shows beginning this week when they share the bill with
shawn colvin.

the indigos will team up with colvin to play a voters for choice concert in
dallas on thursday to mark the 25 year anniversary of roe v. wade, the supreme
court ruling that gave women the right to choose to have abortions.

then, next monday the indigos will play the slam 2 show in new york city,
protesting philip morris tobacco's woman thing record label. they'll join
folksinger leslie nuchow, who organized last yearıs original "virginia slams"

finally on may 8, the indigos and shawn colvin will be in austin, texas to
play a benefit for mexico's zapatista rebels, who are also a favorite cause of
rage against the machine.

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 13:12:06 edt
from: riphug <>
subject: [ig-news] the forthcoming lilith fair cd (from ice magazine)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the ecto
mailing list at]

ice magazine/april 1998/issue 133

<<two-disc lilith fair release features cream of the crop from last year's

boasting a who's who lineup of female artists and a powerful message of
distaff solidarity, last summer's lilith fair tour swept through the united
states and canada with all the emotion and excitement (if not necessarily the
rage) of a woman scorned.  on april 28, arista will release lilith fair:  a
celebration of women in music, a two-cd chronicle of that tour featuring
unreleased live performances by suzanne vega, paula cole, indigo girls, joan
osborne, emmylou harris, shawn colvin, victoria williams, lisa loeb, the
cardigans, dar williams, meredith brooks, abra moore, susanna hoffa and,
naturally, tour organizer sarah mclachlan.

"we actually started recording from the very first show," mclachlan's manager
and lilith fair co-producer terry mcbride tells ice.  "one day we would tape
the main stage, the next day we'd tape the second stage.  we tried to capture
all of the artists that would let us record them.  this was a history-making
tour, and we wanted to document it as a way of [raising] awareness and showing
what lilith is all about."

the track list for lilith fair:  suzanne vega - "rock in this pocket," abra
moore - "four-leaf clover," paula cole - "mississippi," - lhasa - "el
payande," sarah mclachlan - "building a mystery," indigo girls - "scooter
boys," autour de lucie - "sur tes pas," the cardigans - "benit," september 67
- - "the loneliness of the long distance runner," dar williams - "what do you
hear in the sound," tara maclean - "jordan," joan osborne - "ladder," emmylous
harris - "going back to harlem," meredith brooks - "wash my hands," patty
griffin - "cain," wild strawberries - "i don't want to think about it,"
susanna hoffs - "the eternal flame," shawn colvin - "trouble," young chen lamo
- - lama dorje chang," tracy bonham - "the one," wild colonials - "charm," lisa
loeb - "falling in love" and victoria williams - "periwinkle sky."

at press time, mcbride indicated that the indigo girls' contribution, "scooter
boys," wasn't a sure thing, although lilith fair will definitely include one
song by the duo.  also, the old irish folk song "water is wide" will appear on
the set, either by jewel/mclachlan/indigo girls or colvin/mclachlan/indigo
girls, depending on legal clearances.

as with all things lilith, mclachlan had a hand in compiling the cd project.
"sarah listened to everything on the ablum," mcbride says.  "i had her
sequence it, because i was way too close to it after hearing each song 40
different times.  i thought it was going to be a single album, but sarah said
it had to be a double album.  there were about 60 artists on the tour, and she
didn't think 12 was a good representation.  she also wanted to strike a
balance between developing and established artists.  so it's definitely got
sarah's stamp on it."

the package's graphic designer, john rummen, tells ice that the cover will
depict "the woman [figure] sarah drew for the lilith fair logo, but it'll be a
lot more textural.  for the inside of the booklet, we're getting photographs
from each artists, hopefully taken from the lilith shows, although sometimes
not.  the idea is to promote the live feel."  rummen also explained that
arista will be releasing a limited-edition version in an unusual 10-inch

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 20:20:00 -0500
from: cathy <>
subject: [ig-news] music midtown schedule

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

okay, like everyone else, i've been checking the official music midtown
site about a million times a day waiting to see the schedule for the show,
but everytime the page just said "coming soon." bummer ...

but on a whim i checked out access atlanta and lo and behold, the
schedule is up!!!! the girls are on the 99x stage at 10:45, right after
paula cole. vonda shephard plays at the same time as paula, but on
a different stage (obviously .. duh cathy!) so maybe after her set
she'll wander over and join the girls!!! :)

anyway, you can see the whole schedule at

for those of you coming in from out of town, the site has all sorts of cool
stuff about atlanta that you may wanna check out!

cathy -- who's harboring an insane fantasy that the femmes will come out
early and join the girls for a rowdy rendition of blister in the sun! :)

   "words, they climb all over you 'til they uncover you
     from where you hide."     -- peter gabriel

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 14:11:34 -0600
from: "lance s. longwell" <>
subject: [ig-news] (very small igc) an auction

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey kind friends,
        this message was posted to wire (the u2 mailing list) and several
other music sites.  it originally came off the cnn/reuters site.
        sorry for the waste of bw with such small igc.

- --------- begin forwarded message ----------
edge's discoball guitar to be one of the auction items

u2, the boss on auction
block for online charity

the edge's disco-ball guitar and a collection of
pearl jam vinyl are among the items up for bid.

contributing editor randy reiss reports:

signed guitars from eddie van halen, u2, 311 and indigo
girls, autographed cds from fiona apple,
chumbawamba and celine dion, and even a chance to
be a roadie for teen-pop sensations hanson are among the
many music-related
items and opportunities up for grabs at an upcoming
online auction to benefit a
leukemia, cancer and aids research organization.

the auction, which raised $183,000 last year for the
t.j. martell foundation, also
includes an autographed vinyl album from bruce
springsteen, a collection of vinyl
from pearl jam, signed harmonicas from stevie wonder and
blues traveler frontman
john popper and a trip to meet the three tenors (luciano
pavarotti, placido
domingo and jose carreras) and watch them perform in

bidding on the items, which will take place
via the website

(, starts thursday and
ends may 7. items will be displayed on the
site with a brief
description, offering visitors a chance to
make a bid through the

"we asked a lot of people to help us bring
[the musicians] closer
to their fans," said michael reinert,
polygram records vice
president of business affairs and auction
co-chair, of the
organization's efforts to collect items to
auction off.

among the artists offering themselves to the
cause are teen-pop
sensations hanson, who are auctioning off
the opportunity to be
their roadie for a night. according to
reinert , aspiring
technicians who bid on the trip might be
"basically, it's a chance for a fan to go to a sound
check and a show and to hang
out with the band," he said. "they probably won't be
doing any of the sound."

the auction is also packed with autographed posters, cds
and equipment, all of
which reinert said were somehow connected with a major
artist. in particular,
though, he singled out the signed guitar donated by u2.
"it's a one-of-a-kind les
paul [guitar] that was custom built for the edge," he
said. noting that the guitar
closely resembles a disco ball and that it was used on
the band's highly produced
popmart tour, reinert said, "it's gotta be the most rare
instrument we have."

the t.j. martell foundation, formed in 1975, has held
numerous celebrity fund-
raising events in an effort to raise money for medical
research throughout the world.
according to the organization's official website, the
foundation has thus far raised
more than $110 million for that cause.
- --------- end forwarded message ----------

you don't need to buy internet access to use free internet e-mail.
get completely free e-mail from juno at
or call juno at (800) 654-juno [654-5866]

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 19:14:32 -0400
from: joan morrison <>
subject: [ig-news] (sigc) nashville river stages schedule

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey folks,

i thought i would pass this along for the benefit of those of you who
plan to go to nashville river stages.  the festival schedule follows.
note - ig play on sunday, may 3rd.


joan (who wishes to heck that atlanta music midtown would hurry up and
release their festival schedule...)

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date:  22-apr-98 13:34 cdt
from:  riverstages >
subj:  yes, another newsletter

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subject: yes, another newsletter
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friday, april 21, 1998

hello from nashville river stages!

hope you all survived the nashville tornado last week.  the tornado did
do some damage to riverfront park, where the river stages festival will
be held, however, it was minimal, and the show will go on as scheduled.

here's the latest river stages news:


schedule just released!  yes, the long awaited festival schedule is now
available.  get online where you can check out the schedule by specific
or by stage  *(note
that this is the initial schedule and is subject change).  also, for
your benefit we've attached the complete schedule below!

get them while they're hot!  three-day passes are limited, so if you
don't have yours yet, be sure to order them today. ***extra make you
feel good type bonus*** now your ticket purchase will go towards another
good cause, as river stages will donate $5.00 from every 3-day pass sold
from this point forward to the american red cross tornado relief fund.
order your tickets right online at

just two more weeks to go, and the line-up keeps additions
include: fat, richard davies, melanie spradlin, the ohio players,
galactic, bobby messano & nbo, and beausoleil avec michael doucet.
check out the current line-up page at:

virtual backstage
nashville citysearch will be conducting live online chats with top
nashville river stages artists during each day of the festival.  we've
recently confirmed to chat with the the honeyrods (woo-hoo), foo
fighters (yeah baby!!!) and garrison starr (gotta love it!) , with
others to be announced soon.  check out the virtual backstage page
frequently, as line-up as it unfolds,, and as
always, we'll keep you updated via this newsletter on this online event.

don't forget to check out the official river stages site regularly, and
sound off on the nashville river stages message board. at^1218@.ee6be93

that's it for this week.  we'll talk to you in another week with the
latest nashville river stages tidbits!

rock on,
laura (
nashville river stages schedule*

friday, may 1

budweiser - riverfront main stage
6:00-6:45       a string cheese incident
7:15-8:15       cracker
8:45-9:45       widespread panic
10:15-11:15     widespread panic

budweiser - riverfront side stage
6:45-7:15       fat
8:15-8:45       richard davies
9:45-10:15      agents of good roots

first american - gay st. connector stage
6:00-6:40       paul burch & the wpo ballclub
7:10-7:55       link wray
8:25-9:10       bobby bare, jr.
9:45-11:00      steve earle & the dukes

saturday, may 2

budweiser - riverfront main stage
12:00-12:45     tba
1:15-2:15       2 skinnee j's
3:00-4:30       ziggy marley & the melody makers
5:15-6:30       paula cole
7:15-8:30       ben folds five
9:15-10:30      jason & the scorchers

budweiser - riverfront side stage
12:45-1:15      tba
2:15-3:00       joe 90
4:30-5:15       owsley
6:30-7:15       alisa carroll
8:30-9:15       the honeyrods

bellsouth - courthouse main stage
12:00-12:45     tba
1:15-2:15       tba
3:00-4:15       galactic
5:00-6:00       beausoleil avec michael doncet
6:45-8:15       the ohio players
9:00-11:00      bonnie raitt

bellsouth - courthouse side stage
12:45-1:15      melanie spradlin
2:15-3:00       tba
4:15-5:00       bobby messano & nbo
6:00-6:45       ronnie earl & the broadcasters
8:15-9:00       matraca berg

*(note that this is the initial schedule and is subject change)
nashville river stages schedule cont.*

saturday, may 2 cont.

first american - gay st. connector stage
12:00-1:00      jennifer stills
1:30-2:30       chris dicroce
3:00-4:00       buddy & julie miller
4:30-5:30       six string drag
6:00-7:00       keb mo'
7:30-8:30       damilo perez
9:00-10:30      medeski martin & wood


budweiser - riverfront main stage
1:30-2:00       the evinrudes
2:40-3:40       god lives underwater
4:30-6:00       foo fighters

budweiser - riverfront side stage
1:00-1:30       emmett swimming
2:00-2:40       garrison starr
3:40-4:30       fastball

bellsouth - courthouse main stage
1:00-2:00       fairfield four
2:45-3:45       shawn colvin
4:30-6:00       indigo girls

bellsouth - courthouse side stage
2:00-2:45       alana davis
3:45-4:30       jolen

first american - gay st. connector stage
1:00-1:45       del mccoury band
2:15-3:05       jimmie dale gilmore
3:35-4:25       lost continentals
4:55-6:00       delbert mcclinton

*(note that this is the initial schedule and is subject change)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #51

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