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  [ig-news] gainesville show           [rich benson <>]
  [ig-news] updates to my ig index              [deb <>]
  [ig-news] article on lilith fair            [ (indigokat)]


date: wed, 15 apr 1998 14:21:27 -0400
from: rich benson <>
subject: [ig-news] gainesville show

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

okay....i'm writing this, but i'm on digest, so if i'm redundant, you'll
have to forgive me.

last night's show was absolutely one of the best shows i've ever seen.  the
crowd was great, amy and emily both seemed to be in great moods.  they both
had a lot of energy, and seemed to pull a lot of energy from the crowd.
there was some obnoxious woman who screamed all the way through leeds, but
there's always at least one obnoxious person in the crowd....

emily was in great voice.  amy was wonderful as always.  i've always
considered myself bi-indigo (i rank in the middle of the a-e scale), but
emily continually blew me away....  "you and me of the 10,000 wars" was
really beautiful--it's not one of my favorite songs....i've always liked it
fine, but never had a really strong opinion of it before.

they slowed jonas & ezekiel down some, and it was really good....emily
played unbelievable guitar on all amy's songs...

something really funny....emily said "okay,we're gonna do an old song," and
it was you and me of the 10,000 wars.  i guess it proves that i'm an old
fan, but i always think of anything after indigo girls as new....  any of
y'all relate to that?

the set list as best as i remember:

hammer and nail
jonas & ezekial
get out the map
shed your skin
least complicated
shame on you
you and me of the 10000 wars
scooter bboys
virginia woolf
i don't wanna know
power of two
thin line
- -----
new song by amy.....  <something> gone
blister in the sun
closer to fine

blister in the sun was rockin'!  i was totally surprised by that, but they
did a great job!

don't know how that is for a concert review....but that's what you get.

:)  have a great day.

rich benson
you said the world was magic
i was wide-eyed and dancing
        -amy ray, "joking"

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date: wed, 15 apr 1998 10:17:05 -0400
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] updates to my ig index

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i added several links to my indigo girls index
<> this morning, including a
link to the discography by steve clark, which was removed from the folkbook
site.  i have agreed to host the discog for him, so please link to
<> if you have links
to the old folkbook discog on your site.

- --
deb \\ \\

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date: 16 apr 1998 03:39:24 gmt
from: (indigokat)
subject: [ig-news] article on lilith fair

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls newsgroup,]

lilith lineup takes shape; arista set due

by larry leblanc

toronto (april 14) - as the lineup for the 1998 edition of last summer's
standout lilith fair tour takes further shape with revelations of some of the
second-stage acts, nettwerk/arista records is readying release of ''lilith
fair: a celebration of women in music,'' which documents 1997's 35-date,
70-artist trek. the two-cd album will be issued worldwide april 28.

a full list of performers and dates for this year's 57-date lilith fair has yet
to be finalized. main-stage artists confirmed so far include lilith originator
sarah mclachlan, natalie merchant, indigo girls, erykah badu, sinead o'connor,
sheryl crow, missy elliott, bonnie raitt, tracy bonham, queen latifah, meredith
brooks, liz phair, luscious jackson, emmylou harris, neneh cherry, holly cole,
and lisa loeb. not all artists play all dates.

among the acts that will be performing on the tour's second stage are k's
choice, billie myers, mono, imani coppola, beth orton and lhasa. a full roster
of the acts is expected to be announced thursday in los angeles.

lilith fair 1998 will kick off june 19 in seattle with mclachlan, indigo girls,
merchant, badu, and o'connor headlining on the main stage, and k's choice,
myers, and lhasa on the second stage.

terry mcbride, mclachlan's manager and co-executive producer with the
singer/songwriter of the 25-track album, expects there will be several major
last-minute ''surprise'' performances this year.

''we're working with three or four big  1/8artist 3/8 camps with the
opportunity of having their artists show up for at least one show,'' he says.
''it could be aretha franklin, madonna, janet jackson, or alanis morissette.
those are the sort of  1/8artists 3/8 we've been talking to. if we know one day
ahead of time, we can accommodate these artists. we also expect to go to europe
in the second week of september.''

mclachlan says that with last year's substantial success, this year's lilith
fair has significantly more clout. ''lilith was a baby last year,'' she says.
''we are in a better position now because a lot of artists who said no last
year probably didn't know who i was or what lilith fair was. now it has a track
record. there are more  1/8artists 3/8 interested in being a part of it now.''

for those fans and artists who attended last year's lilith fair, the two-hour,
20-minute album might seem like a wonderful souvenir. for those who didn't
attend, the recording, with 50 percent of the proceeds being donated to the
rape, abuse & incest national network and lifebeat, offers an astonishing
overview of contemporary pop and folk.

among the 25 artists featured on the album are mclachlan, paula cole, indigo
girls, the cardigans, abra moore, lisa loeb, susanna hoffs, joan osborne,
emmylou harris, meredith brooks, patty griffin, dar williams, shawn colvin,
bonham, and victoria williams.

''i'm proud of the album,'' says mclachlan. ''it was very tough to sequence.
it's nice to mix up the music as much as possible, but the songs flow really
well together. a big desire for me was to give a platform for young artists.''

for arista/nashville newcomer moore, performing five dates on last year's
lilith fair was an exciting experience surpassed only, perhaps, by being
included on the two-cd set. she's returning for six dates this year. ''it's an
impressive list of performers, and i'm honored being there,'' she says.

''lilith fair is a very well-run festival,'' says dar williams, who performed
at five lilith fair shows last year and returns this year for six dates.
''lilith did treat its artists well and brought in some artists that were off
the beaten path. there was something about the feeling backstage that really
facilitated dropping your ego a bit.''

adds bonham, who performed at five lilith fair shows last year and returns for
six this year, ''there wasn't any attitude of, 'let me wail off this riff, and
everybody else can follow me.' ''

arista records is utilizing both direct and broad-based marketing strategies in
promoting the set. ''this is more than just a women's record,'' says ari
martin, senior director of artist development (u.s.) at arista records. ''it
1/8features 3/8 some of the best artists in contemporary pop. of course, the
core audience are fans of these artists and those who attended last year's tour

label executives have pointedly chosen not to select a focus track to promote
the album. ''we're working this as a full album, and we expect people to pick
and choose  1/8their own tracks 3/8,'' says martin.

mclachlan says that lilith fair will run until at least 1999, after which it
will be re-evaluated. ''then we might take a break, a year off, or start
something else,'' she says.

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