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  [ig-news] virginia slam!             [chloe c heymann <>]


date: tue, 7 apr 1998 22:17:28 -0400
from: chloe c heymann <>
subject: [ig-news] virginia slam!

hey everybody,
i know that there has been a little confusion about this, so i just wanted
to let you know that the tickets for the virginia slam! benefit concert on
monday april 27 at the irving plaza in new york city go on sale tomorow
starting at 12:00 pm, i believe. the tickets are $30 and doors at the show
open at 7:00 pm.  it is general admission. you can get the tickets at
ticket master, but you can also get them at certain music stores such as
tower records, hmv, and some others. if you have any specific questions
you can call the slam! hotline at: (212) 802-7226 there is a machine and
it has more specific info about the concert. i hope this helps.

take care,

p.s. if the tickets at ticket master are not listed under virginia slam!
then they may be listed under indigo girls.

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