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ig-news-digest         tuesday, april 7 1998         volume 01 : number 037

                               today's subjects:
  [ig-news] ig - virginia slam at irving plaza,nyc  [mel <melsouth@mindsprin]
  [ig-news] ig to play musikfest 98 in pa in august  [deb reiser <dreiser@wi]
  [ig-news] may 8th chiapas benefit  /sys remix limited edition cd  [deb rei]
  [ig-news] list members please read: fund raiser to keep running :-)  [mike connell <ducksou]


date: mon, 06 apr 1998 11:50:04 -0400
from: mel <>
subject: [ig-news] ig - virginia slam at irving plaza,nyc

hey folks-

i went poking around ticketmaster online and found the "viginia slam"
date (it's listed as "indigo girls" - *not* "virginia slam"):

mon, april 27 - 7:00 pm - irving plaza, 17 irving place, new york city

it's not at nyu, as previously thought -- but *very* close to nyu!

**note**: tix are *not* yet on sale. (probably on fri or sat, apr 10 or
11 -- just a guess!)

- --
         -- mel  <>     [icq# 7373594]

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date: mon, 6 apr 1998 12:28:30 -0500
from: deb reiser <>
subject: [ig-news] ig to play musikfest 98 in pa in august

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  a friend tells me that the
village people are also on the lineup but i'm not sure if he's
kidding me or not...]

i haven't been able to confirm this, but someone on the epic message board
posted that ig will play musikfest 98 on august 11th in bethlehem, pa. the
website for the festival is but is doesn't list
the acts at this point.


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date: mon, 6 apr 1998 10:29:57 -0500
from: deb reiser <>
subject: [ig-news] may 8th chiapas benefit  /sys remix limited edition cd

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

howdy ho, listees! i received the following info (thanks to gail anthony:)
about the may 8th date that was previously classified as "tba". the will be
a benefit for chiapas to be held at the backyard in austin, tx.

read through the entire story because it also includes info about the sys
remix. apparently it will be a limited edition cd that will be sold at the
lilith dates. not sure if that means it will only be a limited edition, or
if it will be released as a single too.

(so, who's going to any of the lf shows and will be kind enough to buy me a
copy or two???? please e me privately to work out the details. thanks! )

here's the story...
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -------------------------

the list of celebrity-studded benefit concerts will grow by one on may 8,
when the indigo girls, shawn colvin and steve earle will headline a charity
show in austin, texas.

additional musicians may join the concert lineup at the backyard,
contributing their efforts to aid the zapatistas in chiapas, mexico.the
concert site, austin, is home to accion zapatista, which has protested the
recent massacre of 45 mexican citizens by paramilitary officers in the tiny
town of aeteal, chiapas.

the charity show will close out a three-week string of live indigo girls shows
at high schools and colleges across the south and up the east coast. the
singer-songwriters will open the tour at logansville high school in georgia
on april 13 and finish the adolescent expedition on may 7 at irmo high
school in columbia, s.c.

"(the indigo girls) made a conscious decision to play for their younger
audience, specifically the real young ones who don't get to go to the
concerts late at night,"
said epic records representative lisa markowitz.

missy elliot, sinead o'connor and erykah badu, among others will then join
forces with the indigo girls on june 19 for the kickoff of the 1998 lilith
fair festival in portland, ore. lilith fair vendors will sell limited
edition indigo girls cds featuring various live cuts and a version of "shed
your skin" remixed by tom
morello of rage against the machine. that hefty re-worked song should begin
circulating on college radio this month, markowitz said.

(anni layne)
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that's all!

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date: mon, 06 apr 1998 22:58:48 -0400
from: mike connell <>
subject: [ig-news] list members please read: fund raiser to keep running :-)

hello everyone on the indigo girls news mailing list   :-)

some of you may know me, many don't. my name is mike connell and i manage
the jewel and patty griffin lists here at my purpose for writing
you today is to ask for your assistance in a project/fund raiser to help
keep up and running for many more years to come.

a gentle bloke by the name of jeff wasilko owns, and while he does
have a merry band of smoe-elves to help him in various tasks in operating
the system, jeff has always paid the operating costs (not a small penny)
and of course had paid for the expensive equipment it presently runs on.
he's always offered this service for free since day user list owner fees...totally free :-)

many of your favorite artists and their fans have benefited from this
service as hosts lists for such artists as happy rhodes, paula
cole, jewel, the indigo girls, patty griffin, tori amos, thomas dolby, poe,
susan werner, leah andreone, lucious jackson, maria callas, the indigo
girls, shawn colvin and many, many more. some of these once unknown
artists, and more to come i'm sure, had their internet presence begin right
here at :-)

for a complete list of which artists have mailing lists hosted at,
you can go to

at the present moment jeff is looking into replacing the hardware
operates on with more modern equipment, as the present workhorses are a
pair of seven year old sun sparc stations. being seven years old is pretty
much dinosaur age in computer terminology (smoeasauruses?), and these
systems are acting older than their age. this replacement is necessary to
get newer and better equipment in place before the present falls
down and goes boom permanently, leaving the lists at temporarily
without a home :-)

as you might imagine, this replacement is going to cost a pretty penny. on
other list servers this would be no problem, as money would be used from
the user fees. however since such fees don't exist here at, we are
asking for your help in the form of donations.

we are not asking for buku bucks here, just whatever you can give, whether
it be $1, $2, $5, $10....whatever.  you can send a check, a money order, or
if a buck or two or three you can send cash (that is your choice)

money orders are a piece of cake. (at least in the usa) they don't have a
large fee at all, generally less than a buck, sometimes as low as 35
cents....although money orders from banks usually carry a larger fee (go
figure ;-)

your best bet for a money order (in the usa) would be from the us post
office....all money orders there have an 85 cent fee no matter what the
dollar amount of the money order is.

*** all checks or money orders should be made out to jeff wasilko :-)

foreign (non-usa) list members: i'm not sure at all what is the best method
for you folks. we are open for suggestions. i know that the usa post
offices cash canadian postal money orders, so no problem there, jeff can
cash them there. of course, any foreign cash sent in can easily be
exchanged at a bank. from what he told me, his bank has a 15$ surcharge on
any overseas money order cashed, so this option is out. if you have any
ideas, please write me and i'll discuss the best ones with jeff and mention
them in a follow up post to all the lists next week.

how to donate:
simple :-) just send what you want (no monopoly money please) to me at

mike connell
po box 1206
binghamton ny

and i'll tally up all the figures etc and send it all on to jeff :-)

in your envelope, please include a note that contains your full name, the
list(s) you belong to,  and your email address you use here at

please help in this mission to give a new home :-)

if you have any questions, please feel free to write me and ask.

i thank you all in advance :-)

mike "once a bell ringer, always a bell ringer" connell :-)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #37

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