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  [ig-news] kentucky show                    ["a. taub" <>]
  [ig-news] perth show, 4th march (review)  [david allingham <davida@maths.u]


date: wed, 4 mar 1998 20:58:02 -0800
from: "a. taub" <>
subject: [ig-news] kentucky show

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the
indigo girls list at]

more forwards from the newsgroup:

(this is about the show at the university of kentucky)

there will be a lottery for tickets, and it will start at 5:00 pm on
tuesday, march 10, in the student center grand ballroom at uk.  tickets
are $22.50, with a limit of 8 per person, cash only, blah blah blah.

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date: thu, 5 mar 1998 15:53:33 +0800
from: david allingham <>
subject: [ig-news] perth show, 4th march (review)

[sherlyn's note: this review was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  also, there won't be any
posts through here in the next 72 hours or so, as i'm going to
be without access to a computer.  i'll get back online as soon
as i can... have a good weekend, everyone!]

this is my first try a doing a show review, so bear with me :)

the show was at the perth concert hall last night. a good venue for it
(which i'd never been to before; first ig concert too ), smallish and
quite intimate.
the opening band, honey, were pretty good, and the crowd liked them.
the standout song (to me) was "a love-song about domestic violence; or
somewhere in between", starting out acapella. very nice.
the main attraction, of course, received a huge response when they walked
onto stage, which was set up very simply with a keyboard, amps with
candles spread around and three microphone stands. in about two minutes
the first 3 metres or so in front of the stage filled up with people,
receiving a comment of "thanks for coming down the front, y'all" after the
first song which was 'hammer and a nail'. a+e commented quite a few times
about how beautiful perth was and how much they liked australia, at one
time: (paraphrased a bit, sorry; might have the speakers confused too!)

(emily)  we're thinking of applying for green cards here
(amy     but we'd have to show that we have something useful to
(emily)  yeah, "stupid americans, go home".

the crowd cheered at this, which was amusing (did they really want them to
go away?), and they smiled and said at least they (a+e) can laugh at
themselves :)  later (or earlier) they said that they'd visited fremantle
(major port of perth, lots of cafes and touristy things) and seen the old
prison, and something about how it's alright, louisiana (? didn't hear
this very well) was a penal colony too.  "we're big tourists; we're
not afraid to admit it". they visited the wildlife park there and had
their photo taken with a "koala bear" (guess no one told them that koalas
aren't really bears at all :)).

they then said that they were going to sing a song with lots of cities in
the northwest in it, and we should all just in our minds put the names of
australian cities in (who was the person who shouted out "melbourne!"?
:)). amy said well, maybe she'd just sing them in there for us, which
sounded like a good idea to the crowd, but decided not to.

at one time they pointed out three people about 8 rows back who they'd
seen at the airport (again, from dodgy memory)

- hey, we saw you guys at the airport (pointing)
- you came to meet us, that was sweet. we were standing there going
      (looking behind them) 'who are _they_ waiting for?'

(the people get excited and jump up and bow to the house :))

- you think that's the only time that's happened to us? (grin)
- yeah, it happens all the time, you just get off this long flight
      feeling really scuzzy [scungy?], looking really terrible and people
      are, like, 'can we take your photo?'
- yeah it's great, "just lemme get this booger out of my nose first"
      [this was amy :)]

obviously they were in fine spirits :)

ghost was dedicated to michelle, someone who had passed away recently
and would have been there (they said they got a letter about her
backstage), and the rendition was quite moving.

at the end of least complicated, the stand-in-front-of-the-stage crowd
did the 'doo doo doodoo do do doo' bit ("yeah, that's how it goes"). the
stream-of-conscienceness in chickenman was cool, something like

i said you know how darkness goes into darkness
we see a lot of carnage on our journey
i said it's harder to be (something, not 'living')
he said you've done a lot child and now you have to start living
you got one more (something, sorry) and you have to pay for that
you got one more song and you have to pay for that too

that's really minced up but you get the idea. they guy whose name i can't
remember (david? darren? you know who i mean anyway) played harmonica and
unfortunately they had the levels for him down a bit low in the first part
of the song, but then he did a solo and amy got people clapping in time
and it was amazing. (he looked like zonker harris :))

emily played dulcimer on hey kind friend (so now i know what a dulcimer
looks like, from a distance anyway :)). before leeds emily told the story
about her book and how sad she'd been at the time ("i think i'd just
broken up", which elicited a big we-feel-so-sorry-for-you 'ohhhhh' from
the crowd, it was very sweet, to which she perked up and said "but it's
all okay now") and how she'd written all this stuff while touring in
england and lost the book in australia and someone had sent it back to
her.  fumbled the first few bars, too ("i'm still learning to play") and
started again :) they did wish you were here at the end of cut it out,
which was really ferocious itself.  the lights for wywh were all green and
there was smoke whirling around the stage, very atmospheric and cool.
there were a few lines at the end of shed your skin that i didn't
recognise, could have been from another song (sorry, can't remember any of
them). have they been adding anything in there in other shows this tour?

that's about it, sorry i can't remember the order of the tracks, but
here's what was played (i don't think i've missed anything out):

hammer and a nail (this was first)
least complicated (i think this was second!)
tried to be true
i don't wanna know
land of canaan
ghost (to michelle)
power of two
get out the map
shed your skin (few lines of something else at the end?)
it's alright
scooter boys
everything in its own time
cut it out/wish you were here
hey kind friend

- -- encore --
amy's new song (with the kakadu line in it)
closer to fine (no surprises there :))

the sots tracks were spread out throughout the others. for closer to fine
honey came out again and sung a couple of verses. the whole house was
standing for this song. some girl tried to run backstage when they walked
off but there was a guitar tech in the way who kindly guided her back to
the floor :)  someone gave amy a bunch of flowers just before they walked
off. just before ctf they read out an announcement for a womens' rights
rally on saturday and said it was a really good thing and we all should
go, and mentioned their fight against uranium involving native americans
back home and that they'd got involved with jabaluika (?) uranium mine in
australia; amy said that they (the us) were buying the stuff from us in
the first place, so they felt that they should do something.

well, till next time (pleasepleaseplease let it be soon) :))


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end of ig-news-digest v1 #14

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