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  [ig-news] lilith article, the sun-herald, march 1 1998  [sherlyn koo <sher]
  [ig-news] ig 99x show tonight: sun mar 1    [mel <>]


date: sun, 01 mar 1998 20:51:03 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] lilith article, the sun-herald, march 1 1998

hey everyone,

this is an excerpt from an article in the liftout "timeout"
section of today's sun-herald, one of the sydney sunday
papers.  it's long, so i won't type the whole thing in, but
there's a lot more, mainly talking about sarah mclachlan,
dar williams and ani difranco.

happy happy,

- -music extra-by katherine tulich-

righteous babes


there are already plans to take this year's lilith to europe and
australia is being touted for early next year.  a double live cd
from last year's festival will be released in april.

"there's been a great response.  we already have more than 200
applicants," says mclachlan.  "the first week we booked erykah
badu, sheryl crow, sinead o'connor, the indigo girls and natalie
merchant for the main stage and we're doing local talent drives
so we can feature more new acts."

according to inidgo girls' emily saliers, lilith has given the
band a chance to play to much wider audiences.  "there is no way
we would have been able to draw crowds of 30,000 on our own,"
saliers says.

while the folk duo have developed a loyal following over the
years, saliers sees a danger in being "fashionable".  "a lot more
women are getting signed; it's definitely a trend.  but look at
grunge, it's now passe."

mclachlan agrees: "i think for artists like myself or the indigo
girls, we've built up our careers at a grassroots level.  but
when you've just come out of the blue and had a smash single,
that's a quicker audience, who only know you for a year as
opposed to people who have 10 years of memories attached to your
music.  those fans will stick around."


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     "don't ever be afraid to open up your eyes
      so you can see tomorrow..."       - merril bainbridge

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date: sun, 1 mar 1998 06:58:34 -0500
from: mel <>
subject: [ig-news] ig 99x show tonight: sun mar 1

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the
indigo girls mailing list at]

just a reminder folks:

if you didn't get to see ig on acl last night -- you can hear them on
the internet from a re-broadcast of a live acoustic radio performance
(which, according to christy, doesn't have the cute/funny ig banter and
commentary from the original broadcast... but we beggars will take what
we can get... or boot... or trade... ).

it's on this evening, sun mar 1, 8:30 pm est.
(although elsewhere it says that the shows air sundays at 8:00 pm est --
*and* it is only a half hour show -- so it might be best to err on the
side of caution and start at 8:00 pm.)

it's from atlanta's 99x (wnnx 99.7 fm)

on the internet:

[and you can listen to a half hour acoustic show featuring various
artists every friday at 1 pm or sunday at 8 pm.]

audionet also has archived 69 amazing "women in music" broadcasts from
boston. there are several artists in each show -- featuring so many of
the artists we love: ig, ani, shawn, dar, kd, catie, ferron, janis,
mary-chapin, joan a, melissa e, melissa f... it's truly an extraordinary
archive (you can listen any time):

for all of the above you need realaudio. you can download realplayer 5.0
(audio and video) for free:

and here's some great links for women's music:

i guess that's enough urls for one post. (with apologies to those
without internet access)

- --
         -- mel  <>     [icq# 7373594]

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