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welcome to the ig-news-digest mailing list!

please save this message for future reference.  thank you.

if you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
send the following command in email to


or you can send mail to <> with the following
command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe ig-news-digest

or from another account, besides xxxxxx xxxxxx <>:

    unsubscribe ig-news-digest xxxxxx xxxxxx <>

if you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list,
(if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the
list itself) send email to <> .
this is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need
to contact a human.

here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to,
in case you don't already have it:

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============> list owners' welcome message begins here

welcome to ig-news, the indigo girls news-only mailing list!

please read and save this message for future reference.

table of contents
1. about ig-news
2. email addresses to remember
3. common majordomo commands
4. about the indigo girls mailing list at
5. thanks and acknowledgements

1. about ig-news
[note: in this document, the phrase "indigo girls mailing list"
refers to the indigo girls mailing list at  see section 4
for more information.]

ig-news is a 100% moderated list for distribution of information
regarding the indigo girls.  information sent to the list will be
mainly gathered from sources such as the indigo girls mailing list, and the world wide web.  please note that
nothing will be posted to this list that is not also forwarded to the
indigo girls mailing list.  in essence, this list is intended to be a
chatter-free version of the regular indigo girls list.  if you are
interested in participating in discussion about the indigo girls and
their music, you should consider subscribing to the indigo girls
mailing list at instead (see section 4 for more

this list is moderated.  this means that all list messages must first
be approved by the list moderator before being released for
distribution to the list.  except in exceptional circumstances, only
indigo girls-related information such as tour dates, news articles,
boot tree information, selected concert reviews etc will be accepted
for distribution.  subscriber contributions are welcome, but please be
aware that approval (and non-approval) of messages is entirely at the
list moderator's discretion.  this list is owned and moderated by
sherlyn koo (

this list is available in both bounce and digest format.  "bounce"
means that individual messages will be sent to you as soon as the
list server receives them.  "digest" means that the list server will
compile all list messages and send them to you as one long message,
either every 24 hours or when a certain size quota is reached,
whichever happens first.  see section 3 for instructions for
switching between bounce and digest formats.

ig-news is run using majordomo.  please note that some majordomo
commands may be subtly different from the listserv commands used at  see section 2 for a list of the relevant email
addresses, and section 3 for a list of common majordomo commands.

please note that this mailing list is completely unofficial and is in
no way connected to indigo girls or their management.  it is intended
only as an information resource for fans.

if you have any administrative problems or questions about this list
and/or its policies, please contact the list owner/moderator at

2. email addresses to remember
there are three main email addresses to be aware of:

1) - this is the list address.  any mail sent here
        will, subject to approval, be forwarded to all members of the
        mailing list.
2) - all majordomo commands should be sent
3) - all mail sent here will automatically
        be forwarded to the list owner/moderator.

majordomo commands can also be sent to and provided you know the correct command

3. common majordomo commands
this is a list of a few of the most commonly used majordomo commands.
these commands should be sent, in the body of an email message, to  where indicated, replace "<your email address>"
with your actual email address.

1) to join the bounce version of the list:
        subscribe ig-news <your email address>

2) to leave the bounce version of the list:
        unsubscribe ig-news <your email address>

3) to join the digest version of the list:
        subscribe ig-news-digest <your email address>

4) to leave the digest version of the list:
        unsubscribe ig-news-digest <your email address>

5) to switch from bounce to digest:
        unsubscribe ig-news <your email address>
        subscribe ig-news-digest <your email address>

6) to switch from digest to bounce:
        unsubscribe ig-news-digest <your email address>
        subscribe ig-news <your email address>

7) to find out who is subscribed to the bounce version of the list:
        who ig-news

8) to find out who is subscribed to the digest version of the list:
        who ig-news-digest

9) to order the information file for the list:
        info ig-news

10) to order a help file on majordomo commands:

if you are having trouble with any of these commands contact the list
owner at

4. about the indigo girls mailing list at
as previously stated, this mailing list is intended to be a low
volume, chatter-free version of the indigo girls mailing list at  there is no need to subscribe to both lists; all mail
sent to ig-news will be also posted to the list at

also please note that in some cases, mail sent to ig-news will not be
approved for distribution on ig-news but will instead be forwarded by
the list owner to the list at  this may occur in cases
when you are seeking information but not posting any news.  if your
message falls into this category a copy will be cced to you when it is
forwarded to the list at

to find out more about the indigo girls mailing list at netspace, its
policies and how to subscribe, see the indigo girls mailing list faq
which can be obtained at

the indigo girls faq is also recommended reading for anyone with
questions about amy, emily or their music.  it is also available by
the above methods.

5. thanks and acknowledgements
this list was established on february 6, 1998 and is owned and
moderated by sherlyn koo (  thanks to the
folks at (especially jeff wasilko) for giving this list a home.

thanks to the members of jcsdoubled who helped in the writing of this
document.  thank you also to all the people who help to make the online
ig community the great place it is.

and as always, the biggest thanks of all go to amy ray and emily
saliers, for sharing their music and inspiring so many.

                                     a + e = ig

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