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emily saliers quote from 1999-12-14: (interview transcription), louisville, kentucky:

i: you had a lot of songs to weed through right? like "winthrop", and "chiapas bound", how do you weed through what is going to be on the album and which doesn't?

"well, in the case of 'winthrop,' 'leeds' ended up on the album (the last album). leeds was lyrically a stronger song, when ulali came into the studio, what they did to the song was just magic. its just a stronger song in general and personally, more meaningful me. as time goes by, you sorta leave songs behind, its easy to do that and its hard to go back and say oh, its hard for me, i can't imagine wanting to pick that song up again."

i: so, you wouldn't want to put that song on an album?

"anything is possible, but it's not my inclination."

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