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emily saliers quote from 1992-05: rites of passage, epic records press release:

"her writing changed my life this year. i'd read 'to the lighthouse' in college, but i didn't really get it until much later. my mom bought me a copy of abridged diaries, and the writing completely spoke to my own experience - even things like her description of an eclipse of the sun, which happened again this year."

emily saliers quote from 2012-08-27: q&a: emily saliers, theater jones performing arts news:

which classical composers have influenced you?

"i've always loved baroque music. bach of course. i love debussy, i love the emotion of his work, and composers like erik satie. it was the span of classical music, not so much the modernist music. but like at the beginning of "virginia woolf," with all the different string parts, it's very classical. i always like suspensions and resolutions, so that music played a big role through my inner ear."

emily saliers quote from 2012-10-15: indigo girls bring full electric show to baltimore, baltimore gay life:

how have they [the shadowboxers] changed the dynamic of the tour? is there a real tangible change to the feel of things; obviously there's a tangible change to the sound of things when you're in a full band set up.

"that's a good question, in [the song] "virginia woolf," they sort of do a mock up of the string intro, but it's their own. it's classical guitar, electric guitar, and some keyboard stuff, and it's kind of weird and eerie and sci-fi, so while it's a takeoff on the [original] intro, it's not the same thing."

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