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amy ray quote from 1994-xx-xx: swamp ophelia, epic press release:

"i'd studied the holocaust when i was college, but the museum took my interest one step further. i had to get these feelings out of my system."


"that was important to me. there's a lot now being uncovered about the homosexual experience of the holocaust and how it affected those survivors who'd been listed as what they called a '175-er'. at the museum it's made very clear that although jews were by far the main victims of the holocaust, there were many others too."

amy ray quote from 1994-05-13: world cafe radio program:

"i took holocaust course at emory university and the train image was very heavy in that course. cause the film's constant barrage of trains and then the museum obviously features that as a large...that's one of the things that you do that has the most impact. when you walk into the boxcar and stuff."

amy ray quote from 1994-10-07: out in the open, the akron beacon journal:

"i'd studied a lot about it. then i went to the museum and the images just hit me," says ray, who has friends who lost loved ones to the holocaust, and who has immersed herself in the jewish and christian cultures.

"there's no way to measure the pain in the situation. it's so painful. it's an experience beyond anything we could understand."

the lyrics speak not only of the persecution of jews, but "other entities involved we don't think about as often ... the handicapped, blacks, people of color, gypsies, gay people. if you didn't fit in you were destined for trouble.

"i'm different. i'm gay. i'm a woman. women still have a long way to go. that's the bigger issue than anything, bigger than being gay though in some ways they can play off each other."

ray says oppressed people (such as gays and women) don't have certain freedoms.

"if you're a woman walking down the street, you gotta worry if you're going to get raped or not," says ray, who believes women are in more danger than gays, who are subject to homophobia.

she says homophobia doesn't exist in her world and she has gotten nothing but support after coming out. "i have to remind myself of the trials of my friends who don't have it so easy."

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