lifeblood: songs: background: shed your skin

amy ray quote from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

"the song 'shed your skin' was built from the bottom up [from a drum loop]. that was the whole purpose of the song."

amy ray quote from 1997-12: indigo girls - amy ray, curve:

"i wrote 'shed your skin' after my breakup with my ex about how important it is to go do your thing and celebrate it and celebrate yourself. the growth we experience through all that pain is really important. the indian stuff enters into it because it was happening at the same time and there were some of the same sentiments. my dedication to activism took away from my relationship. i found it important to say, 'look, what i've been involved with has given me some freedom in my heart and soul that i've never experience. you should find the same thing.' "

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