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amy ray quote from 1997-05-31: hey kind friend, creative loafing:

"it's inside her, and she knows how to do it, and so we would do a song like 'scooter boys,' and she wasn't even in the right tuning, she was just hooked up and messing around. i started playing the song, we learned it in 10 minutes and then we recorded it. that was it. we kept that take."


"i was down in new orleans hanging out," amy explains, "and midnight oil was recording at kingsway with daniel lanois, and i had a long conversation with peter (garrett) about politics and stuff. when i finished writing 'scooter boys,' i was singing it like he would have sung it - not as a joke, but thinking of peter, because i love him, he's got such a distinctive voice. and they kept that take, too. they kept lyrics and songs that, as emily puts it, 'teeter on the edge.' they just went with it.

amy ray quote from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

"with 'scooter boys,' the whole song's live - no overdubs except for one guitar."

amy ray and emily saliers quote from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

ar: "sometimes we come up with all these different tunings that sound good with each other, and then we forget what we've decided. like in 'scooter boys,' i don't know what tuning you were in..."

es: "e minor (e b e g b e)."

ar: "and i had the (low) e string dropped to d. our tunings don't match at all for that, there's discord notes all over the place. i had to listen to the tape to figure out what we were doing."

es: "there's even parts of that that i can't figure out what i did, 'cause it happened so spur-of-the-moment. i was in e-minor tuning because we were getting ready to work on a different song, and then amy started jamming on the song and andy (stochansky, from ani difranco's band) started playing the drums and sara was playing bass. so, i said, 'oh well, i don't have time to change my tuning, i'll just stick in this tuning and see what i can find.' "

amy ray quote from 1997-12: indigo girls - amy ray, curve:

"well, 'scooter boys' was a really important moment for me. it was completely improv. i hadn't finished the song, emily didn't know it at all, andy stochansky (ani's drummer) was playing drum with us that day and had never heard it. we just started playing and all of a sudden we got into this groove. i said, 'turn the tape recorder on' and we recorded it - that's the song you hear on the album. so there are sentimental reasons why that song is really close to me."

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