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emily saliers quote from 1994-xx-xx: swamp ophelia, epic press release:

"an inexplicable attraction between two seemingly opposite people. jane siberry was perfect to sing on that track - her work is so mysterious to me. that's her in the third verse, that siren're not really sure it's a human voice."

amy ray quote from 1995-xx-xx: interview by kirsti reeve:

"that song is about a love that, like two people come from totally different parts of the spectrum, or however you want to voice it, and i was trying to create tension with that verse. and i was trying to juxtapose the brutality of a pirate, and that strength and force and masculinity or whatever it was, with the sort of subdued quality, or listening ear of the person who's taken in by that and how it all meshes together...i was just sort of trying to mix those images together."

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