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note from amy ray on the daemon records site:

"i started lucystoners on a lazy day hanging out under the kindness of the sun. i have rotten cat named johnny who is the inspiration behind most of my songs about bad boys. i started a little rhyme about 'rolling stones' most fearless leader' it really came out of nowhere while i was scolding my cat for being a bully. my girlfriend was laughing and we started playing around with what the antithesis would be 'bingo' lucy stone. lucy was an early feminist who kept her name when she married. the song was meant to just be a set of nursery rhymes about feminist and sexist but i couldn't really get anywhere with it. it had been a long year of dealing with the overblown rock media machine with most commercial radio stations becoming indistinguishable from each other and maxim becoming the flag bearer of a new generation of magazines. the boy's club of rock and roll has taken many forms in my career so it was easy to find images to draw on. when emily reported on an exceptionally rude interview experience with a morning show d.j., the last piece of my lyric puzzle was completed. the day i finished the song, i called my lady and sung the whole thing on the phone. after playing it for emily-who indulges me-and my manager, i realized it was destined to be a solo song. i played lucystoners acoustically for awhile but it didn't take on its real meaning until the butchies put their mark on it. at some point i realized that i needed to change the lyric 'lucystoners don't like boners' to 'lucystoners don't need boners.' it just made more sense considering lucy probably did like boners, she just insisted on her own autonomy from them. there is an really out of tune acoustic version on a compilation just released by mr. lady records. ( mr. lady is the superpower punk feminist/gayfriendly label out of durham , n.c. they have an amazing roster of artist including the butchies, tami hart, sarah dougher, and le tigre.) we recorded the song live in chris stamey's studio. the butchies came up with the jumprope ending and they recorded it together in the hallway of chris' house . i took the tracks back to atlanta and finished the guitars and other stuff at glenn matullo's studio-orphan studio. i mixed at david barbe's studio in athens, ga. when i went to nashville to master, this was the first song we put up to work on. after the punk environs of the mixing studio i was a little anxious when the chorus came on loud and clear, but i told my mastering guy not to take it personally and he was cool
thanks for listening. xoxo a.r."

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