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emily saliers and amy ray quote from 1994-02-18: unknown source:

emily saliers: " 'least complicated' is pretty much typical of, i guess, when you reach 30, which what i am now, and you start to look back at all the patterns of your life. and it's sort of about recurring patterns. that's redundant, isn't it."

amy ray: "no. patterns don't get set. they can change."

emily saliers: "yeah, they can. and it's about that's very simple, that you could have learned a long time ago, from even as young as your elementary school days, and yet you continue to do the same thing throughout your life. so - it's about love. it's about interpersonal relationships and learning. and making the same mistakes. and - i mean, i don't know how that relates to indigo girls, per se. amy and i just write songs about the things that we're thinking about and then we learn them together and so they become part of us, but there's not like this overall thing that we are, that each song becomes a part of - it fits into the scheme of it."

emily saliers quote from 1994-02-18: unknown source:

" 'least complicated' is a song that is about the patterns of your life, that you keep repeating and how - basically, it's about learning in life - you're supposed to - you have the opportunity to learn them early, but some of us, myself included, do not learn them and keep repeating the same patterns and you know. it's about learning lessons in love and life and pushing relationships. it's pretty poppy, though. we recorded it live with sara and jerry and lisa germano plays a little bit of mandolin in it, and she plays pennywhistle too. and then joelle sonier and john painter play some accordion. but it's pretty basic band, guitar, bass, drums, harmony type thing."

emily saliers quote from 1994-03: the indigo girls: the musical ties that bind, performing songwriter:

"on 'least complicated,' i had a line that said, 'i'm just a mirror of a mirror of a mirror of myself,' and amy said that reminded too much of 'ten thousand wars' - 'i see my eyes in your eyes through my eyes.' and at first, i said, 'i don't feel that way.' but i changed it to 'i'm just a mirror of a mirror' instead of saying it three times and i've really become quite comfortable with that."

emily saliers quote from 1994-xx-xx: swamp ophelia, epic press release:

"two stories above the street, like the lyric says. i just started thinking about the patterns i've repeated in my life - the way most people do, actually. the lessons you could've learned early on, you just passed 'em by somehow. the song is really pretty simple in content, and it just came naturally in the verse-chorus form."

emily saliers ray quote from 1994-05-13: world cafe radio program:

"i was two stories above the little street watching the kids walk home from school and thinking about patterns and actually (laughs) thinking about my little sixth grade boyfriend. which seems insignificant now but it was just like the beginning of patterns. and it's a lot about love and a lot about life. just a little ditty about that."

emily saliers quote from 1995-10-10: 1200 curfews liner notes:

"it was hard to pick a live version of this song. in the end, the philly crowd lifted this one above the others. the crowd sings 'na na na na na na na' with reckless abandon, amy on mandolin, jane on pennywhistle. the drum fill into the 2nd verse is my favorite jerry fill of all time. i look back at sara during this part."

amy ray quote from 1995-10-10: 1200 curfews liner notes:

"you know - i saw emily all the time in elementary school and i never knew she was up to so much. i do, however, remember her ability to play the most complicated guitar chords."

emily saliers quote from 1998-07: the indigo girls: finding the cost of freedom, goldmine:

"we like for people to come in and do their own thing. for instance, lisa germano came up with a really wacky mandolin part of 'least complicated,' which ended up being one of the main hooks in the song. no one except her could have come up with that, at that moment, and that's the sort of thing we celebrate and encourage. we don't bring musicians in and try to get them to do something that we would do ourselves. we bring them in because we like what they do."

emily saliers quote from 2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"ah, young love! crusty old soldier of love thinking about patterns and repetition of mistakes in relationships. i started this song after looking down from my 2nd story office onto a young boy and girl below, holding hands, walking, enthralled."

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