lifeblood: songs: background: jonas and ezekial

amy ray quotes from 1992-05: rites of passage, epic records press release:

song called 'jonas and ezekiel' begins with a few seconds of eerie ambient sound. "that's cooper seay of the ellen james society, playing a backwards guitar track," explains the indigos' amy ray, "and me, taking off my watch and putting it on the music stand before i started singing. they're almost accidental sounds, and that's the kind of thing that makes this album something different for us. i've always wanted to do stuff like that on a records, but we never had time to experiment in the studio that way before."

"we played dartmouth college and met some real free thinkers up there. i took a long bike ride on highway 5, on the border of new hampshire and vermont, and this song uses references from that and from earlier road trips - things i heard in conversation, things from the news. i went back to the hotel and wrote down the whole thing in one shot. it's a political song about people who put their faith in prophesy, who're walking toward disaster instead of doing anything about it. sure, i believe in fate, but you can take a lot of different paths in this life and your actions do have consequences."

emily saliers quote from 1994-03: the indigo girls: the musical ties that bind, performing songwriter:

"the mystical power she gets in some of her songs like 'jonas and ezekial,' where you almost know what she's talking about but you're not sure. those songs stay with you a long time because you can't figure them out. that's the great power of amy's songwriting, that mystery. i take so much pleasure in her songs."

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