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emily saliers from 1997-05-03: shameless: an interview with the indigo girls' emily saliers, poets, artists, madmen:

"amy was using the female genders in her songs before, but it is more subtle than it is like on a song like 'it's alright', where it comes out and says 'i don't care if you hate me 'cause i'm gay'. but it wasn't a conscious decision. in particular, on that song, i was just thinking about ways that people oppress other people, and homophobia is just one example of that. i just came out and said it blatantly rather than masking it in some way."

emily saliers from 1997-xx-xx: it's alright, southern voice :

"not really, i think when i was writing 'it's alright' i was just thinking about forms of oppression against people, and the way gay people are oppressed. i think rather than trying to say it in a poetic way, i came out and said it plain and straight, you know, there are those of you out there, 'you might hate me because i'm gay.' i just thought of it as stating the facts, and why a song comes to you at a certain time instead of another time is a mystery but, you know, there it is.

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