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amy ray quote from 1994-02-18: unknown source:

"for philadelphia, jonathan demme was involved and actually offered our name up as a possibility to do something. yeah. which was good. because it's a great movie. and we - i think they might have messed around with some different song ideas, but this was a specific one that jonathan demme wanted to have recorded, and he wanted us to do it. and he was into our music at this point, and this is one of his favorite songs. so he wanted us to do this song. so, that's kind of how that happened. and we did it."

emily saliers quote from 1994-05-13: world cafe radio program:

"i remember amy saying when we were trying to learn it, she's like, 'now how would the ramones play this song if they were going to learn it'. because we were trying to, you know, trying to make it a little bit different from how it had been recorded, but there was only so far you could go i guess."

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