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emily saliers quote from 2011-04-25: original spirits, the canberra times

"we didn't have a lot of tracks with the band and i love that it's with the band," saliers says. "it's a song that was on the studio record [the 2006 despite our differences] but we didn't play it a lot live because it's actually very difficult to perform. it starts out at a tempo, then the drums kicks in, and when the drums kick in, it just sort of takes off.

"in the studio it was even difficult to adjust to, so live even more so, and then i play ukulele on it, so to play ukulele and sing my vocals, and [also sing] in harmony, is pretty challenging." she chuckles.

the song is a simple, truthful meditation on love. "after all that we've been through/i could not see giving up/ despite the picture of our coffee/ growing colder in the cups/i want to say that underneath it all/you are my friend." saliers says she had read a lot about love and relationships and the song was an exploration of hopefulness in the midst of the chaos of love. "through all the troubles, i remain optimistic about love lasting, so it's a simple sentiment but i tried to expand on that through the imagery and through the melody. and i wanted to have it upbeat, so it wasn't, you know, a dirge. i'm kind of prone to dirges."

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