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emily saliers quote from 1992-05: rites of passage, epic records press release:

"this is one of my favorites on the album. i think that a lot of people can relate to what this song says about the way a person can romanticize the 'ghost' of a love. you create this beautiful memory, minus all the pain and problems of the real thing."

emily saliers quote from 1994-03: the indigo girls: the musical ties that bind, performing songwriter:

"i was really happy with the production on the song 'ghost,' which is rare for me."

emily saliers quote from 1995-xx-xx: interview by kirsti reeve:

"ghost is one of my favourites too. nailed that one."

emily saliers quote from 2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"a fire that always burns, the eternity of unrequited love."

emily saliers quote from 2012-08-27: q&a: emily saliers, theater jones performing arts news:

you have used symphonic instruments in a number of recordings, such as the intro to the song "virginia woolf." how did you decide which songs to arrange for orchestra?

there were a couple of amy's songs that she wanted to do that she changed her mind about. there's a song, "compromise," a short rock song, it was really going out on a limb with the arrangement, which was awesome, but didn't work out. for me, there were some songs that would have been obvious choices, and i tried to avoid those for the most part. except for the song "ghost." in fact, michael kamen, who has passed, did arrangements on the record for "ghost," and stephen did an homage to michael's work there, which was very powerful.

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