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amy ray and emily saliers quotes from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

es: "i think so. although today we did a radio interview and we were playing 'get out the map,' which i wrote on banjo. i played it on guitar because i didn't have a banjo in the studio, and i realized that the chords are just like 'closer to fine,' so i guess that kind of blows that theory. i thought i'd written something different from that. "

ar: "yeah, but what you did is write 'get out the map,' whereas if you'd written it on guitar, you would have gone, 'this sounds like 'closer to fine,' and you would have never written the song.

es: "it's true."

emily saliers quote from 2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"first song i ever wrote on the banjo. my friends were going through a lot of changes, moving around. a general malaise had set in. 'map' is kind of a road trip song for the spirit. let's get out of here. i don't care where we go."

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