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emily saliers quote from 1992-05: rites of passage, epic records press release:

"this is about reincarnation. it's meant to be light-hearted, like 'if this is really true, i've got a lot of baggage from my past lives!' "

emily saliers quote from 1992-10-14: cbs this morning:

"well, it's about reincarnation, plain and simple. but i thought about the whole notion of how, you know, each life you're supposed to learn something and get wiser. and then i thought about my own life. it's like forget it. it's never going to happen."

emily saliers quote from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

"mary chapin carpenter taught me a couple of tunings, but i didn't start using them until 'galileo' (rites of passage (the tuning is d a d g b c, the same as for carpenter's 'the moon and st. christopher,' with a capo at the fifth fret))."

emily saliers quote from 2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"trying to make sense of reincarnation, in awe of galileo for his vision, feeling like a young soul, laughing about serious things."

emily saliers quote from 2012-08-27: q&a: emily saliers, theater jones performing arts news:

you have used symphonic instruments in a number of recordings, such as the intro to the song "virginia woolf." how did you decide which songs to arrange for orchestra?


the agency wanted "closer to fine" and "galileo" in there, a couple of well-known songs. if they hadn't asked for those, i wouldn't have chosen them because it's more fun to do the obscure songs.

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