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amy ray quote from 2015-05-18: listen to the indigo girls' song 'fishtails' off their upcoming album 'one lost day': exclusive, billboard :

ray says "fishtails" was the first song for one lost day to carry what would become the hamlin stamp on the album. "when i made a demo of 'fishtails,' i accidentally shifted the pitch and tempo, which also provided some insight into how i wanted to approach it," ray says. "jordan came back with this soundscape around the song that evoked all of the emotion of the words and really showed her vision and the production skills she had to pursue it. for me, this was the shoe-in and assured me we were on the right path in using her as a producer." listen to "fishtails," which billboard is exclusively premiering below.

the song itself, adds ray - who, like saliers, had a daughter between albums - is "about a lot of things, mostly about loss of innocence/coming of age, topics that are always compelling to me in the context of where i live and seeing the kids grow up around me."

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