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amy ray quote from 1994-xx-xx: swamp ophelia, epic press release:

"i wrote this out of an experience i had when i was really young. my first exposure to real evil. i saw some high school boys light these cats on fire, and it was pretty traumatic for me."

"the point of view kind of shifts back and forth from child to adult. in some ways the song is directed to my parents - that's why i asked my dad to sing on it. it's like i'm saying 'when things are bad i may not be able to ask for your help, but i'll let you know they're bad!'"

amy ray quote from 1994-05-13: world cafe radio program:

"well that incident has been...yeah, it's had an impression on my whole life really cause i was so young when it happened. that song is kind of a coming of age song i mean, you know in every way of all the different things that you do when you're coming of age. and that was sort of my first time i came across sort of the evilness of people. but i mean i was a kid and i was know at night i was looking over at the field and saw these things go up in flames and they were screaming and it was cats and it was really bizarre. it was a very bizarre experience for a child to, you know, to come across and i was pretty sensitive, so it sort of directed my whole life. but i didn't know the song was going in that direction when i wrote it actually that just kind of popped out. "


"yeah my dad sang on it. well he sung a lot in college and high school and stuff but he's not a professional singer or anything. but the song was kind of, you know had some elements to do with him in it so i decided to asked him to sing on it and he did a great job i thought."

amy ray quote from 1994-10-07: out in the open, the akron beacon journal:

"as i was writing this image popped out of when i saw some teen-age boys pour gas on cats and light them on fire. i was too far away and couldn't do anything. it was very upsetting."

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