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emily saliers quote from 1999-10-15: the ripples of lilith: indigo girls' new album benefits from the tour's close-knit community, gannett news service:

"it's meant to be a little confusing."

emily saliers quote from 1999-11-05: transcription, world cafe:

h: you've got this song called cold beer and remote control. i want to know about the person in this song, is the person is trying to escape from this life, i think? you're not celebrating this, are you?

e: "no, it's about someone who is kind of despondent and just kind of given up hope, and you just picture them just sitting in front of the t.v. just wafting off into nothingness - the bad kind of nothingness, not the buddhist kind. it's got an electric kind of chorus, sort of a.k.a. tom petty-ish. and uh. so it's kind of confusing, as soon as you hear the words 'cold beer', people laugh. i don't know. it's just - it's mentally jerk your string a little bit.

emily saliers quote from 1999-11-10: transcription, kmtt - seattle, washington:

"i didn't actually have one person in mind while i was writing this song so i suppose it could be a man or a woman, but its just about, you know becoming despondant and sorta giving up. it's meant to jerk you around a little bit because when people hear that line, 'cold beer and remote control', it makes them laugh, but then its like wait a minute this is like serious subject matter so...."

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