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emily saliers quote from 1999-02-27: over at amy's, footnotes:

"i started to think about the ways that we try to solve our problems, and the songs is about a quest for balance in life. it's saying we put all our stock into religion or a therapist or into a vacation or things like that. it's better to take all things into account, rather than think that one source is going to give you all the answers to your problems."

emily saliers quote from 2000-10-03: retrospective liner notes:

"sitting on the porch of a rustic cabin in vermont, thinking about where i and others seek respite and answers to questions that plague us and keep us from peace, realizing that we must drink from the many varied wells to almost quench that thirst."

amy ray quote from 2010-11-03: amy ray of the indigo girls on keeping her 'strange fire' burning, the monclair times:

"a song like 'closer to fine,' we'll do that every night. but it's different every night because everybody's singing and there's a different set of people singing. so you find different things in the song," ray says.

emily saliers quote from 2009-02-24: interview with indigo girls' emily saliers,

"[laughs] i can honestly say i have not gotten tired of singing that song. part of the reason is that the opening act, whoever it is, will sing that song with us, or the crowd takes the last verse. it's fun. it's not like a song we're performing anymore. it's like a hootenanny. it's very joyful and the crowd loves to sing so it's just fun."

emily saliers quote from 2011-04-25: original spirits, the canberra times

she says, "god, i wrote that a million years ago, sitting on a cabin porch in vermont on a family vacation. i was just fresh out of college and i was just thinking about all the sources that we go to get our answers in life. so it's a young song, but thankfully it's lasted through the years."

emily saliers quote from 2012-08-27: q&a: emily saliers, theater jones performing arts news:

you have used symphonic instruments in a number of recordings, such as the intro to the song "virginia woolf." how did you decide which songs to arrange for orchestra?


the agency wanted "closer to fine" and "galileo" in there, a couple of well-known songs. if they hadn't asked for those, i wouldn't have chosen them because it's more fun to do the obscure songs.

2012-09-13: emily saliers talks indigo girls, watershed, the atlanta journal constitution

"i should get tired, but i don't!" she said. "everybody [in the crowd] just singing together is always fun. and we always have a guest, either the opening act or people from the audience, sing with us, so it's different every night."

emily saliers quote from 2012-10-15: indigo girls bring full electric show to baltimore, baltimore gay life

in "closer to fine," one of your biggest mainstream hits, there's the line, "there's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line." you were so young when you wrote that line, and yet there's so much wisdom in it. when you look back, do you ever think certain lyrics sound young?

"yeah, totally. there are lines in songs that i wish i hadn't written that way. their either overwrought or i let a line go when i could have tweaked it. some songs we just don't play ever again because we just outgrow them. most of them, we've kept, but it's just a learning process and there are certain periods of time in your writing that reflect where you were. sometimes you get a real gem when you're 18, but consistently for me, i feel like i've become a better writer. i try not to let anything go by any more. i try not to be lazy, especially about lyrics."

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