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emily saliers quote from 1997-05-03: shameless: an interview with the indigo girls' emily saliers, poets, artists, madmen:

"it's actually two songs that were put together. and i wrote it on electric guitar, which is the first time i've ever written a song on electric guitar. i just came up with the opening chord riff and wound the song around it. it's two sections - one is about the relationship that's totally screwed up, the other is from a dream that actually our bass player sara lee had and told me about - and so i put the dream in with the other reflections for the song, and it just came out as it is. it's a lot more obscure that i typically write."

"as far as production goes, sara lee wrote the string part for that and arranged it. it's really the only big string section we have on the record. there's a lot of electric guitar and layered percussion tracks and things like that. it's a big song, in terms of musical production. it's really different than anything we've ever done."

amy ray quote from 1997-05-31: hey kind friend, creative loafing:

amy's turn came on caramia, the swooning, arching love song with the five violins, two violas and two cellos - a song whose harmonies were written by amy. but when they recorded it, emily asked amy to do "things i wouldn't even think of, that wouldn't occur to me to do," amy recalls. "she (said) to me, 'i think that note might not be right, can you do this instead.' or, 'i think that might be a little too harsh.' or, 'i didn't want your voice to stick out that much, can you try singing back a little bit.' " but don't mistake this for a compromise: "(emily) produces her own songs and i produce mine. we take direction from each other. and there's a lot of things she challenged me on this time." and vice-versa? "it's stuff that's inside us both but it's not what we would naturally do."

amy ray quote from 1997-09: no boundaries - indigos girls cut loose, acoustic guitar:

" 'caramia' was cut live, and then we went back in and fixed the guitar."

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