lifeblood: songs: background: bury my heart at wounded knee (studio)

emily saliers quote from 1995-11-16: chat session, america on line:

"we've never met buffy st. marie. we invited her to do a show at the end of the 'honor the earth' tour, but she had other commitments. i love her voice. i find her spirit extremely intense, and i don't know what she thinks of our version. but for me, it was one of the most satisfying experiences for both live and in the studio. both amy and i would love to meet her, and i feel sure that we will."

emily saliers quote from 1996-12-19: the indigo girls - music group's involvement with politics , the progressive:

"when we did buffy sainte-marie's 'bury my heart at wounded knee,' i loved playing that song. that's politics and rock and roll, the marriage."

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