lifeblood: songs: background: blood and fire

amy ray quote from 1999-02-27: over at amy's, footnotes:

"it's a love song. it's about a relationship that was important to me in a self-destructive way. it took a long time to write it, a couple of years to get through it. it expresses a kind of love that a lot of people feel at one time in their lives. it's the obsessive compulsive love, which is very, very dangerous."

amy ray quote from 1990-xx-xx: the indigo girls, the new folk music:

epic has also reissued the indigo girls' self-produced 1987 album strange fire, featuring the original versions of the songs "blood and fire" and "land of canaan." "the record company really liked those songs," ray explains. "we did them in a different way. emily likes the new versions better but i like the early ones."

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