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emily saliers quote from 2002-03-04: indigo girls launch new, intimate tour, university wire:

the title track also has a social message, emily said, "it's about racism in the south, heritage and how people can get along despite differences."

amy ray quote from 2002-06-23: activism is no act for indigo girls, the dayton daily news:

the song that gives the album its name reflects the georgia-born ray's struggle to come to terms with her southern heritage and its racist identity. "i tried to personalize these ideas, to portray differences with my neighbors in my own rural area," she said when the album first came out. "a one-to-one relationship is a microcosm of these bigger social relations. to me, it's all about how you come to understand another person, how you can respect their humanity even when you think their position is deplorable."

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