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from 2015-06-04: the way of the indigo girls: collaboration, support, community, no depression:

in the five years that followed, the indigo girls left epic records and dropped three other records on independent labels - despite our differences, poseidon and the bitter bug, and beauty queen sister - that included standout cuts like "sugar tongue," "love of our lives," and "share the moon." despite a handful of great songs here and there, those albums slipped in favor with fans and critics. ray notes, "mitchell froom [who produced differences and poseidon] taught me so much as a producer, probably more than anybody. but i would say, for me personally, it wasn't my strongest songwriting."

in contrast, saliers says, "i loved working on despite our differences and poseidon because mitchell froom produced them, and he has a way of putting everything in its musical place. he's not into 'fuss' or extraneous musical parts; each part is thought through. this approach helped me appreciate a more simple, well-placed part - like a guitar solo ['love of our lives'] in lieu of a sort of 'off-the-cuff' meandering or multi-tracked part. ... bqs feels very different from those earlier two because we brought peter [collins] back to produce and used traditional players like luke bulla and allison brown."

though there are always parts of recordings that either work or don't, ray feels like those five years spelled out a transitional period for her as a songwriter, if not for the indigo girls as a band. "on despite our differences, i really love some of the production, but ... i felt like you could take those three records and probably make one record out of them, that's really strong. not to dis them, but when i'm really critical about it, i kind of feel that way.

"it's art," she says, chalking up the hits and misses on these records to the creative process. "everything can't be the best thing you've ever done, as far as your own opinion of yourself. you have to keep doing things and moving through it. some things aren't as good, but they're worthy to put out there because it's a process."

01. pendulum swinger
02. little perennials
03. i believe in love
04. three county highway
05. run
06. rock and roll heaven's gate
07. lay my head down
08. money made you mean
09. fly away
10. dirt and dead ends
11. all the way
12. they won't have me
13. last tears

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