lifeblood: releases:1982: color me grey (amy ray solo)

an independently released cassette featuring amy ray performing solo, reportedly one year amy gave them away as christmas presents to eight people. there are suspected to be at least two different versions of the cassette with track orders and some tracks and track names varying between versions. this release is long out of print, but the tracks are available as free downloads in the bootlegs section.

track listing:

01. just passing time
02. no way out
03. losing touch
04. sweet gypsy
05. the distance remains the same
06. i'll be there
07. slow moving sea
08. thursday afternoon

alternate track listing:

01. scared to say we're friends (also known as 'no way out')
02. nashville
03. falling star
04. carry me away
05. anyway i love you (also known as 'sweet gypsy)
06. clues to you
07. always be there (also known as 'i'll be there')
08. color me grey )also known as 'thursday afternoon')
09. free through eternity (also know as 'you are free')
10. just passing time
11. losing touch
12. erase the pain (also known as 'erase the pain')
13. anyone but myself (also known as 'slow moving sea')


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